New Floor

Fast-track tile adhesive for floors

Technical Data
  • BAL New Floor is a standard-setting, flexible tile adhesive for new cement and concrete floors. Allowing fast-track installations on new concrete after seven days, and new cement:sand screeds after 24 hours, BAL New Floor is suitable for fixing ceramics, porcelain and vitrified tiles in dry or wet interior and exterior environments. Water and frost resistant it can be grouted after 24 hours.

    Contractors should consider using BAL New Floor for tiling projects on new cement and concrete screeds. With an open time of 20 mins, and a pot life of 5 hours, BAL New Floor allows for tiling floors in large installations. Modified with polymer, BAL New Floor is flexible, meaning it is recommended for swimming pools and showers, and areas of limited movement and vibration such as heavy-use commercial projects. BAL New Floor is suitable for bed thickness 3-6mm (up to 12mm in localised areas) and typical coverage is approximately 3m2 per 15kg bag.

    Only available at Topps Tiles.

  • USE FOR:

    • enhancing adhesion to low porosity substrates
    • most tile types, including porcelain
    • dry/wet – interior/exterior
    • including swimming pools/showers

    POT LIFE AT 20°C: 5 hours

    GROUT AFTER: 24 hours

    COLOUR: Grey


    TYPICAL COVERAGE (per pack):
    with THICKNESS: 3mm
    SIZE: 15kg 3.5-4m²