Waterproof Plus

The complete waterproofing kit for walls & floors

Technical Data
  • BAL Waterproof Plus provides a complete waterproofing kit for the protection of substrates (when used as part of a tanking system) prior to the installation of wall and floor tiles in dry or wet interior or exterior environments. The kit will fully seal walls and floors with an approved design for showers, wet rooms, swimming,hydrotherapy and spa pools, fountains, water features, terraces and balconies. Includes a two-part quick drying cementitious coating product, scrim tape and applicator tool.

    BAL Waterproof Plus provides the complete waterproofing kit in one bucket. Providing complete waterproof protection for internal and external areas, Waterproof Plus is rapid-setting and can be tiled after two hours. Suitable for domestic and commercial projects, Waterproof Plus is easy to use and has no weight restriction from the use of the product, with the weight allowance dependent on the background or substrate.

    Only available at Topps Tiles

  • USE FOR:

    • wet or dry – interior and exterior
    • showers, wet rooms, laundry/utility rooms, swimming pools, balconies, terraces, fountains
    • around drainage channels, upstands, pipes and floor wastes
    • preventing water penetration through suspended floors
    • industrial, commercial and domestic

    MAY BE TILED AFTER: less than 2 hours

    NOTE: Do not use as a Damp Proof Membrane, or as a wearing surface

    TYPICAL COVERAGE (per pack):
    SIZE: 2×2.5kg powder, 2×2.5lt liquid 3.65m² per 1mm thick
    Sufficient for 1 domestic shower unit