One in three homeowners regret DIY

Over a third of UK homeowners have regretted the results of a DIY project and wish they had called in a professional to do the work instead, according to a new survey.

Home services marketplace’s latest survey has found that over a third (35%) of UK homeowners have regretted the results of a DIY project and wish that they had called in a professional to handle it.

As the property ladder has become unsteady since the UK vote for Brexit, a poll by home services marketplace found that home improvements have become the more attractive option for homeowners, rather than uprooting and moving on. Depending on the size of the project, many attempt the work unsupervised in an effort to save money.

However, according to Plentific’s statistics, one in three find their results less than pleasing, and in retrospect, would have chosen to hire a specialist instead.

The younger generation struggle most with DIY, as half (48%) of those aged 18-34 said they have regretted their past results. This high percentage may be down to them being relatively fresh on the property ladder and having yet to gain the relevant experience in DIY. It seems 18-34-year-olds would save time, effort and enjoy a more pleasing end result by hiring in a specialist.

The stats show a variation of DIY skill levels across the UK and stress that despite certain cities being more DIY-inclined, there is a demand for trade professionals nationwide.

Stephen Jury, spokesperson for Plentific, said: “Cases of regretful DIY projects are not unheard of, however these new statistics from Plentific show just how often they occur. It’s interesting to see that half of the young homeowners have DIY regrets. In this current digital world, these statistics could highlight the lack of DIY knowledge in younger homeowners, and emphasise their lack of confidence when carrying out projects which their parents may have more success with.”


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