Multi-purpose one-coat DPM,primer and waterproofer

Technical Data
  • Multi-purpose two component, solvent free, low viscosity epoxy coating for use as a primer, one-coat DPM and waterproof coating prior to the application of ceramic tiles or natural stones on walls and floors, internally and externally. Ideal for raised access floors, wet rooms, ground floor slabs, and swimming pools. Use as a DPM on concrete up to 98% RH and anhydrite up to 87% RH. Can be used as a primer to aid adhesion to screeds, masonry, steel and other surfaces.

    Resistant to grease, oil, aqueous salt solutions and hydrostatic pressure, new BAL DPM is an easy to use all-in-one product for various applications and environments that protects tiles from residual construction moisture and continual rising vapour from the earth. Perfect for new build projects or refurbishments where a structural DPM is not present or ineffective. What’s more it can be used a a two-coat waterproofer on walls and floors, and as a primer when sand-blinded on difficult substrates. BAL DPM comes with BAL’s written 25 year guarantee.

    Also available for a complete system: BAL Sand, BAL Self Adhesive Butyl Tape, BAL A2 Trowel, BAL B2 Trowel

  • USE FOR:

    • Specifically formulated to be used as a 1-coat DPM for concrete and cement up to 98% RH and anhydrite up to 87% RH
    • Priming later to screeds, concrete, renders or masonry surfaces, steel and other vertical and horizontal surfaces (sand blind when tiling)
    • Waterproof coating – Sand blinding required when tiling.

    Composition: Epoxy resin paste + epoxy hardener.
    Colour: Light Grey
    Pack sizes: 5 litre
    Key features: Chemical-resistant. Solvent free. Waterproof. Durable and abrasion-resistant.
    Pot life: 20 mins
    Initial Cure: 8hrs

    TYPICAL COVERAGE (per pack):
    SIZE: 5ltr 13.5 m² (at 350 microns DPM with B2 Trowel)

    24 m²  (at 200 microns Primer with A2 Trowel)

    25 m²  BAL Sand

    10m BAL Self Adhesive Butyl Tape