Hygienic waterproof tile grout for walls and floors

Technical Data
  • Chemical-resistant and waterproof, BAL Easypoxy is an epoxy grout for walls and floors. Durable and abrasion-resistant, BAL Easypoxy sets in 24 hours and is suitable for joint widths up to 12mm. BAL Easypoxy is recommended for food preparation areas, kitchens and worktops, bathrooms, showers and power showers, swimming pools, hospitals and industrial/chemical plants. It is also suitable as a tile adhesive for chemical plants with metallic backgrounds and for areas requiring chemical resistance.

    A high performance epoxy grout, Easypoxy provides outstanding benefits to the fixer. Formulated to resist chemical attack, the cured grout does not transfer taints to foodstuffs or permit the entry of dirt or bacteria, and is easily maintained in a sterile condition. Available in white and grey, BAL Easypoxy is recommended for both commercial and domestic environments due to its highly durable nature. With a pot life of 45 minutes, BAL Easypoxy allows a large area to be grouted in double-quick time with fewer mixes.

  • JOINTS: up to 12mm

    USE FOR:

    • most tile types – dry/wet – interior/exterior
    • kitchens/worktops/food preparation areas/showers/swimming pools/hospitals/industrial plants

    POT LIFE AT 20°C: 45 minutes

    SETS IN: 24 hours

    COLOURS: White and Grey (5kg/1kg)

    TYPICAL COVERAGE (per pack):
    TILE SIZES: 150x150x5.5mm 300x300x9mm
    with JOINT WIDTH: 2mm 3mm
    SIZES: 5kg 20.1m² 16.3m²
    1kg 4.0m² 3.3m²