PTB Fibre Plus

Flexible, rapid-setting, pourable floor adhesive with FST

Technical Data
  • A pourable tile adhesive for floors, BAL PTB Fibre Plus offers improved strength, flexibility and performance thanks to its Fibre Strand Technology (FST) formulation. Ideal for most tile types, especially large format and natural stone tiles, including those of uneven thickness, it is suitable for most installations even swimming pools and wet rooms. It’s versatility means it can even be used on overlay timber floors, over under tile heating systems and other substrates subject to limited movement and vibration.

    BAL PTB Fibre Plus offer unique benefits for the fixer including extending open time of 30 minutes, and extended working time of 60 minutes, meaning less mixes. Thanks to its rapid-setting formulation BAL PTB Fibre Plus can be grouted in only 3 hours , whether 3mm or 25 mm thick. Suitable for fixing cement boards, (min 10mm), it is also perfect for levelling uneven floors, while it can be used for most tile types including porcelain thanks to its in-built PorcelBond Plus technology.

    Only available at Topps Tiles

  • USE FOR:

    • most tile types (including porcelain), large format, natural stone, uneven surfaces
    • dry/wet – interior/exterior
    • swimming pools, wet rooms, underfloor heating
    • fixing cement boards

    POT LIFE AT 20°C: 60 minutes

    GROUT AFTER: 3 hours

    COLOURS: White

    TYPICAL COVERAGE (per pack):
    with THICKNESS: 3mm
    SIZE: 20kg White 20kg 5.0m²