AquaDrain FLEX

Height adjustable, flexible and cut to length drain grate for AquaDrain surface drainage system

Technical Data
  • The AquaDrain® FLEX drain grate allows easy drainage of water at low door/wall connections with the AquaDrain® surface drainage systems for external tiling, while it prevents dirt from entering the drain grate guaranteeing permanent drainage performance.  Thanks to moveable legs, AquaDrain® FLEX drain grates can be cut individually on site.

    Available in steel, hot-dipped galvanised, or stainless steel, AquaDrain® FLEX provides quick and umimpeded guidance of surface and façade water into the attached drainage system preventing water seepage into internal areas. AquaDrai®n FLEX allows for practical and standard-compliant reduction for door threshold heights from 150mm to 50mm.


    • Use in front of doors, floor-level window elements or in-line drainage.
    • Adjustable sliding feet mean drain grates can be cut to the required individual length on site.
    • Provide quick and unimpeded guidance of surface and façade water into the attached surface drainage system.
    • Can be used with AquaDrain® T+ and AquaDrain® EK drainage matting.
    • Integral dirt trap protection against fouling and prevents build up.
    • Simple, precise height adjustment to the covering by screw feet that can be adjusted from above
    Composition:   Stainless steel, hot-dipped galvanised or stainless steel
    Basic unit 100: 100 x 1000 mm (WxL), 2 double sliding feet 100
    Extension unit 100: 100 x 1000 mm (WxL), 1 double sliding foot 100
    Mesh – hot dip galvanised or stainless steel, mesh width 30/10 mm
    Square design –  stainless steel
    Profile design – stainless steel
    Length can be adjusted to various sizes up to 400 mm (basic unit) or 280 mm (extension unit).
    Height adjustment: 73–97 mm (with XL screw feet 155–175 mm)
    Minimum Installation Height: 50mm