BAL All-In-One Plus

Multi-purpose primer, admix and bonding agent

Technical Data
  • BAL All-In-One Plus is a unique multi-purpose polymer liquid and that can be used as a primer, bonding agent for slurry coats and as a admixture for adhesives and grouts for many BAL products. With BAL All-In-One Plus – only one liquid is needed to prepare substrates and backgrounds prior to tiling, increase strength and protect substrates, enhance strength and flexibility of grouts and adhesives and improve water resistance.

    Suitable for most interior and exterior location, dry and wet environments. Suitable to prime /seal – timber, plaster, screeds (cement:sand and anhydrite), rendering and vinyl tiles. Use in slurry coats for cement or plaster mix. Use undiluted or diluted 1:2, 1:3 or 1:4 by volume depending on the application type. See Technical Data Sheet for restrictions on usage and other information. Available at Topps Tiles only.

  • USE FOR: Priming and Sealing before tiling on Timber, Plaster, Screeds (Cement:Sand and Anhydrite), Rendering and Vinyl. Slurry Coat for cement or plaster mix in dry and wet interior environments. Adhesive and Grout Admixture.

    USE UNDILUTED FOR: Priming Vinyl, Sealing Overlaid Timber (underside and edges only)

    USE DILUTED 1:1 FOR: As a bonding agent for rendering, screeding, patching, repairing slurry coat

    USE DILUTED 1:2 FOR: Priming plaster and plasterboard for cement-based adhesives. Priming tongue and groove floorboard.

    USE DILUTED 1:3 FOR: Admixture for BAL Flex Fibre Plus, Rapid-Flex Fibre Plus and BAL PTB Fibre Plus. Admixture for BAL Micromax3 ECO Grout.

    USE DILUTED 1:4 FOR: Priming porous backgrounds when using a ready-mixed adhesive. Priming Screeds and Renders. Priming anhydrite (first coat – second coat 1:2). As bonding agent for plaster slurry coats.

    AS A PRIMER: May be tiled after 30 minutes.

    AVAILABLE IN: 1ltr, 2.5ltr and 5ltr

    COVERAGE: See Technical Data Sheet.