BAL Grout Flex

Flexible tile grout for walls

Technical Data
  • Highly flexible and water/frost-resistant, BAL Grout Flex is suitable for grouting wall tiles with joints up to 5mm. Recommended for swimming pools, power showers and areas of limited movement, BAL Grout Flex has a built-in admixture for increased flexibility and high bond strength at the edges of tiles or mosaics. Please note this product is not suitable for food preparation/storage areas and areas requiring waterproof grouting. Coming in five key colourways – White, Jasmine Cream, Light Grey, Mid Grey and Dark Grey for a knock-out finish.

    BAL Grout Flex offers contractors numerous benefits for commercial and domestic projects. Suitable for grouting porcelain, glazed and fully-vitrified tiles, glass and ceramic mosaics, marble and natural stone tiles with joint widths up to 5mm, BAL Grout Flex is highly flexible enabling it to withstand heavy use, vibration and movement. With a super smooth finish, BAL Grout Flex comes in pack sized of 5kg and 10kg. It has an extended pot life of 2 hours and fully cures in 24 hours.

    Download flyer and colour references

  • JOINTS: Up to 5mm

    USE FOR:

    • most tile types, including porcelain
    • dry/wet – interior/exterior
    • including swimming pools/power showers.COLOURS: White, Jasmine Cream, Light Grey, Mid Grey, Dark Grey.POT LIFE at 20C: 2 Hours.SETS: 24 Hours.


    150x150x5.5mm – 2mm joint – 4.79m2 per kg.

    200x200x5.5 – 2mm joint – 6.35m2 per KG