Uncoupling matting for fast track tiling onto problematic floors

Technical Data
  • BAL Rapid-Mat is an innovative fast-track uncoupling system to accommodate lateral movement for tile installations on floors with limited movement. Reducing adhesive consumption relative to other systems and with minimal mat compression, BAL Rapid-Mat is lightweight and easy to install, with minimal height build-up with only 1mm thickness. BAL Rapid-Mat is suitable for internal flooring, renovation and new construction, domestic and commercial areas in medium/heavy duty applications. It is particularly recommended for heated floors and timber floors.

    Reduce project costs with BAL Rapid-Mat, which lays down a new benchmark in uncoupling systems. This innovative product requires 20% less adhesive than cavity uncoupling systems. This saving amounts to 1.5kg less adhesive per square metre, a major saving of 45kg per 30m roll. BAL Rapid-Mat saves more time on-site by being simpler and faster to lay than other mats. Its super-slim lightweight profile makes it easy to roll out and mesaure, and it each piece can simply be butt-jointed to the next, without the need for additional tapes.

  • USE FOR:

    • protecting floor tiling against cracks, fractures and other damage caused by stresses and lateral movement in the substrate
    • suitable for most problematic floor substrates including timber floors, new screeds and floors with under-tile heating systems
    • suitable for most tile types including mosaics

    MAY BE TILED: immediately when using a rapid-setting adhesive