White Star Plus

Highly Flexible Tile Adhesive for Walls

Technical Data
  • Newly formulated with our advanced Fibre Strand Technology, BAL White Star Plus is a ready-mixed adhesive for walls. Highly flexible and non-slip BAL White Star Plus is water-resistant and suitable for fixing ceramics, mosiacs and porcelain tiles and some natural stone in dry or wet interior environments. Ready to use and easy to apply, it offers extended open-time of more than 30 mins, higher grab and higher bond strength.

    With it’s lightweight rheology for easier and faster application, contractors can be sure that with BAL White Star Plus, their tiling project will be completed on time and within budget. BAL White Star Plus exceeds industry standards and offers outstanding properties for domestic and commercial projects including communal showers and commercial kitchens. BAL White Star Plus comes in an enhanced white colour and three handy sizes 10l, 5l and 2.5l to suit your requirements.

  • USE FOR:

    – ceramics (max tile size 0.09m2) / porcelain (max 0.0225m2) / mosaics/some natural stone
    – dry/intermittent wet – interior
    – domestic/commercial

    GROUT AFTER: 24 hours

    COLOUR: White

    TYPICAL COVERAGE (per pack):
    SIZES: 10L 6.6m² 5.0m²
    5L 3.3m² 2.5m²
    2.5L 1.6m² 1.25m²
    1L 0.66m² 0.5m²