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Let BAL specify your tiling project – for free!

Sometimes it is clear that you have specified the right products – if they are on show, everyone sees them. Others are never seen after project completion. Everyone can admire stunning tilework, but what about the adhesives holding it in place?

Specifying the tile adhesive is as important as the tiles themselves, and getting it right is the only option.

We have more than 25 professional tile adhesives, and all are different for a good reason. Varying tile types, substrates and environmental conditions each influence the adhesive needed and there is never a “near enough” answer.

Specifying tile adhesives can be a complex process, demanding exact answers to complex questions.

But with BAL you do not need to be an expert to specify correctly every time. Sit back and let BAL write your M40 specifications.

In BAL you can call on a company in its fifth decade of fully-focused specialisation. BAL specification teams solve specifying challenges constantly. Understanding your needs, processes and procedures, they know why you insist on getting things right.

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