BAL Micromax Grout-Effect Sealant

Anti-mould grout-effect silicone sealant for walls and floors

Technical Data
  • A unique high-performance ready-to-use grout-effect silicone sealant with built-in Microban antimicrobial protection for walls and floors. The new grout-effect technology provides a textured, grout-effect, matt-finish for perimeter and movement joints. Waterproof with excellent adhesion, it is perfect for sealing between tiles and other surfaces including sanitary, acrylic, fibreglass, glass, glazed tiles, porcelain and painted surfaces in dry and wet interior and exterior environments.

    Perfect for any commercial or domestic environment, BAL Micromax Grout-Effect Silicone Sealant ensures seamless movement and perimeter joints, colour-matched to your chosen Micromax3 ECO Grout Colour. Available in White, Jasmine, Gunmetal, Smoke and Ebony it is unaffected by weathering, UV radiation and immersion in water. Microban anti-microbial protection protects against mildew, black mould and bacteria.

    Available now in Topps Tiles stores nationwide.



  • USE FOR:

    • Grout-effect matt sealing
    • Sealing movement joints, internal & external corner, perimeter joints.
    • Protecting against mildew and black mould
    • Most surface types, including acrylic/ceramic/fibreglass/glass/glazed/painted
    • dry/wet – interior/exterior

    CURES IN: 24 hours (per 3mm thickness)

    COLOURS: White, Jasmine, Gunmetal, Smoke, Ebony

    N.B – The maximum degree of matt finish is achieved by smoothing down once. Repeated smoothing of the silicone will continue to reduce the matt effect. 



    TYPICAL COVERAGE (per pack):
    with BEAD SIZE: 6x6mm
    SIZE: 310ml 8.8m