BAL Bedding Mortar

Pre-blended cement and graded fillers to provide a mortar bed

Technical Data
  • BAL Bedding Mortar is a special cement with graded fillers for producing a high performance mortar bed for external use, allowing external pavers and tiles to be fixed to the requirements of BS 7533-4. Bed depth can be achieved from 10mm up to 100mm thickness (minimum 25mm on MOT Type 1).

    BAL Bedding Mortar is an essential component of BAL’s new External Tiling Range. Easy to use – just add water – BAL Bedding Mortar can be laid up to 100mm in a single application on both bonded and unbonded backgrounds (Type 1 MOT minimum 100mm compacted base).


  • USE FOR:

    • External Dry or Wet Applications
    • Laying a mortar bed before fixing external pavers and
    • Bed depth from 10mm (Min 25mm on MOT Type 1) up
      to 100mm thickness
    • Domestic or commercial use.

    CAN BE TILED AFTER: 12 hours

    SIZE: 25kg

    TYPICAL COVERAGE (per pack):
    with THICKNESS: 10mm
    SIZE: 25kg 1.25m²