Prime APD

Acrylic primer for walls and floors

Technical Data
  • BAL Prime APD is a rapid-drying acrylic primer suitable for priming wall and floor backgrounds prior to the fixing of ceramics, mosiacs and natural stone tiles in dry or wet interior and exterior environments. BAL Prime APD stabilises dusty surfaces and reduces the porosity of backgrounds and may be used undiluted on plaster walls and tongue and groove floorboards. Use diluted on plaster walls (if dusty or porous), cement floor and Anhydrite.

    Distributors should consider recommending BAL Prime APD for priming wall and floor backgrounds prior to tiling. As a rapid-drying primer BAL Prime APD produces cost and time savings for projects, stabilising backgrounds in ultra-quick time allowing for tiling with a suitable adhesive in 15-30 minutes. BAL Prime APD is suitable for a variety of projects including walls and floors, worktops, showers, heated screeds and areas with limited movement or vibration.

  • USE FOR:

    • preparing floor and wall backgrounds prior to fixing of ceramic/mosaic and natural stone tiles
    • dry/wet – interior/exterior


    • plaster walls/plasterboard when using a BAL cementitious powder adhesive
    • tongue & groove floorboards
    • Anhydrite / Calcium Sulphate screeds (second coat)

    USE DILUTED 1:1 with clean water on:

    • dusty/porous plaster walls when using a BAL ready-mixed adhesive
    • cement: sand screed/concrete floors
    • Anhydrite / Calcium Sulphate screeds (first coat)

    MAY BE TILED AFTER: 30 minutes

    TYPICAL COVERAGE (per pack):
    SIZE: 2.5L 12.5 – 25m² 25-50m²