AquaDrain EK

Capillary passive drainage mat for external tiling on patios, balconies and terraces

Technical Data
  • High performance, capillary passive surface drainage system for solid-bed tiling on balconies, patios and roof terraces. Available in 8mm and 16mm thickness, the mat quickly drains seepage water and provides three-dimensional water management to prevent trapped water which could lead to discolouration, staining, frost damage and efflourescence of moisture-sensitive natural stone, ceramic and concrete coverings. Can be used with 50mm cement-based drainage mortar, or 25mm epoxy MorTec® DRAIN system for variable height build-up.

    Available in 10m rolls and 1x2m sheets (8mm only) the AquaDrain® EK drainage system is suitable for the installation of natural stone, concrete pavers , extruded and dry press ceramic tiles.  Use with AquaDrain® drain grates, ProFin® edge profiles and ProRin®  guttering for balcony and patio installations.  Join roll edges with AquaDrain® SK sealing tape.


    • Quickly drains off seepage water and provides 3-dimensional water management.
    • Compensates for the insufficient drainage capacity of single-grain mortars.
    • Prevents the development of puddles within the drainage mats if the substrates/seals are uneven
    • Inhibits rising trapped moisture thereby avoiding discolouration of the surface of moisture-sensitive natural stone, ceramic and concrete coverings. Also helps reduce risk of efflorescence.
    • Ensures proper drainage for barrier-free/low door connections in a system using AquaDrain® drain grates


    Colour: Blue
    Pack sizes:  10m rolls, 20m2 sheets.
    Sheet Width: 1m plus 50mm overlapping
    Sheet Thickness:  8 mm and 16 mm
    Roll Weight: approx. 9kg