BAL Terrace Grout

High Performance Flexible Grout for External Pavers and Tiles

Technical Data
  • BAL Terrace Grout is a high performance, polymer-modified cementitious grout for grouting joints between natural stone and porcelain tiles in external areas. With exceptional bond strength and flexibility, BAL Terrace Grout can used for joint widths up to 15mm. Available in four popular colours – Black, Light Grey, Dark Grey and Beige. Hard wearing, water and frost-resistant.

    Mixing quickly on-site with water, BAL Terrace Grout provides a smooth finish on external tiled or paved patios, terraces and paths. Easy to spread, with a pot life of 45 minutes, BAL Terrace Grout is the fixers choice for jointing external pavers, tiles and natural stone. Available in 10kg bags, coverage is approximately 0.5kg/m2 at 5mm joint widths. 24 hours cure time.


  • USE FOR:

    • Grouting external porcelain, pavers and natural stone in
      dry and wet exterior environments
    • External floors installed as per BS 7533-4
    • For Joint widths up to: 15 mm


    Beige, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Charcoal

    SIZE: 10kg


    Approximately 0.5kg of grout will be required per m² for
    600mmx600mmx20mm tiles fixed with 5mm joints

  • Tile Dimensions

    Joint Dimensions


    A kg unit will cover

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