Floor Epoxy

Hygienic impervious tile grout

Technical Data
  • BAL Floor Epoxy is a three-part hygenic impervious epoxy resin tile grout for floors. For joint widths up to 20mm, BAL Floor Epoxy is recommended for large installations including food preparation/processing plants, swimming pools/sports and leisure centres, shopping malls/supermarkets, hospitals and industrial/chemical plants. It is also suitable for chemical plants with metallic backgrounds, and for areas requiring chemical resistance.

    With a resin-based formulation comprising liquid resin, liquid hardener and powder filler, BAL Floor Epoxy offers numerous benefits for the fixer working on large-scale commercial projects. Suitable for most tile types, Floor Epoxy cures in 24 hours and has a pot life of 60 minutes. In addition BAL Floor Epoxy is hard-wearing and offers high resistance to abrasion and impact, as well as providing protection against bacteria and chemical attack. Available in Smoke and Ebony, BAL Floor Epoxy comes in 10kg packs. Bespoke colours available – minimum order quantities apply, please contact your local ASM for more details.

  • JOINTS: up to 20mm

    USE FOR:

    • most tile types – dry/intermittent wet – interior
    • large installations including: supermarkets/malls/swimming pools/sports centres/food preparation plants/hospitals/ industrial plants

    POT LIFE AT 20°C: 60 minutes

    CURES IN: 24 hours

    COLOUR: Smoke, Ebony. Bespoke colours available (MOQs apply).

    TYPICAL COVERAGE (per pack):
    TILE SIZES: 200x200x9mm 300x300x9mm
    with JOINT WIDTH: 3mm 3mm
    SIZE: 10kg 22.7m² 33.8m²

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    Joint Dimensions


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