Elastic, neutral curing silicon-based cement-like joint filler for AquaDrain external tiling systems

Technical Data
  • In combination with Gutjahr surface drainage systems, “the joint filler that comes in a tube” enables stress-free and therefore reliable laying of large formats  and natural stone tiles outdoors. The elastic, silicon-based joint filler reduces tension and can be used for covering and connecting joints or expansion joints. Its special feature: thanks to the fine grain structure of the material, the joints have a cement-like appearance.

    Available in Grey, Anthracite and Dark Brown, MorTec® SOFT joint silicone sealant is neutral and solvent-free with added fungicide meaning it is suitable for natural stone, ceramics and porcelain. Absorbing movement from thermal changes and reducing tension, it can be used internally and externally. Use externally ONLY as part of Gutjahr external tiling systems.


    • Solvent-free, neutral curing, fungicide containing silicone sealant.
    • Absorbs movement from thermal changes and reduces tension
    • Suitable for ceramic, natural stone and porcelain coverings
    • Can be used internally and externally. External use only with selected AquaDrain® external tiling systems

    CURES IN: 24 hours (per 3mm thickness)

    COLOURS: Grey, Anthracite and Dark Brown.

    TYPICAL COVERAGE (per pack):
    with BEAD SIZE: 5x5mm
    SIZE: 310ml 4m/100ml