BAL Priming Slurry Bond

Flexible Slurry Primer to Bond External Pavers and Tiles

Technical Data
  • A highly polymer modified cement-based priming slurry – engineered for fixing natural stone and porcelain tiles or pavers in external areas onto BAL Bedding Mortar. Fast and simple to use, only requires mixing with water. BAL Priming Slurry Bond provides excellent bond strength between base and pavers or tiles. Also use to prepare backgrounds for receiving mortar beds.

    Specify BAL Priming Slurry Bond as part of BAL’s External Range when designing or specifying external tiled or paved areas. BAL Priming Slurry Bond is a crucial component to bed BAL Bedding Mortar to the backgrounds and for applying suitable 20mm porcelain, stone and pavers onto the top of the Bedding Mortar.

  • USE FOR:

    • Applying suitable porcelain tiles, stone and pavers onto BAL Bedding Mortar.
    • Preparing backgrounds for receiving mortar beds
    • External floors installed as per BS 7533-4

    SIZE: 20kg

    COLOURS: Grey

    Type/Classification: Conforms to requirements of BS 7533-4

    TYPICAL COVERAGE (per pack):
    with THICKNESS: 2mm
    SIZE: 20kg 8m²