Quality Assurance

As a specifier you want to be assured that the tiling products you specify in your design will do the job they’re intended for, ensuring that your project looks great and importantly, lasts the test of time. Formed specifically by the British Ceramic Tile Council to carry the standard for the tiling industry in the UK, BAL has been the trusted brand for more than 50 years by meeting the highest standards and achieving the best results time and again.

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Quality and Performance

Since our formation in the 1960s, BAL has been at the forefront of quality and performance, dedicated to ensuring that all our products go above and beyond the required standards.

Thanks to our history of outstanding technical advice and high technology products, we remain a key contributor to standards bodies BS 5385, EN 12004 and more which have all benefited from our expertise.

To this day our primary objective is the development, manufacture and supply of high performance tiling products giving specifiers the peace of mind that your tiling designs will be realised exactly how you and your clients envisaged.

Because we work to the highest standards, the quality of our products are only considered satisfactory when they are produced from approved raw materials, conform exactly to the required formulations, are produced in accordance with the approved manufacturing process and have been passed as fit for purpose.

To ensure these high standards are always met, every single batch manufactured is rigorously tested by our team of Quality Assurance scientists – and if it doesn’t meet these standards then it will not be released.

Thanks to our Quality Assurance measures, we are proud that our failure rate is less than one-hundredth of a percent of our total manufacturing output, and of those, 100% have been proven to be installation errors.

It is because of our stringent Quality Assurance procedures, that every tiling product from BAL comes with a unique 25-year guarantee giving specifiers total confidence that when specifying BAL, their tiling projects will meet the highest expectations.

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