Managing Leads Guide

BAL encourages homeowners to request quotes from our registered tilers. If you have received a lead – congratulations, homeowners have obviously been impressed by your profile page – we hope this is one of many!

To make this lead process efficient and effective just read the guide below so you know what to do and what to expect.

Step 1: New Jobs tab

  • All new quote requests are populated here so you can review them.
  • To see all the details the homeowner has stated just click on the job code number.
    – This will contain some details for the job and all of the homeowners contact details. Note: this is brief as homeowners want to submit the request quickly and simply.
  • Be sure to contact the homeowner directly within 48 hours of their quote request being submitted (using their contact detail shown in the job details).
  • Now, just process this job to the next stage by selecting the relevant action button; ‘Yes I will be quoting’ or ‘Sorry I cannot quote’. It is important to choose an option so the homeowner is aware if you are unavailable to quote as soon as possible. By not making a selection here you may be at risk from receiving future homeowner leads.
  • If you select ‘Yes I will be quoting’ the job will be move to the ‘Quoted’ tab. If you select ‘Sorry I cannot quote’ an automated email will be sent by us to the homeowner to confirm you are unavailable to quote at this time and the job will be filed in your ‘Rejected Jobs’ tab.
    Top Tip
    Following your visit the homeowner’s property why not produce a professional quote using the free Powerspec Tool? You will find a link in your ‘My BAL’ area or go directly to With Powerspec you can quickly produce a professional job specification with method statement to give to the homeowner with your quote submission. This will explain why products and practices are required for a professional, long-lasting and guaranteed result. This may also help the homeowner to confidently select you for the work!  And if you really want to speed up the process and look slick in front of clients you can use Powerspec on your mobile or tablet whilst on the site visit!

Step 2: Quoted tab

  • Once you visited the homeowner and submitted your quote, be sure to confirm the status of this BAL lead when known. Just select either ‘Job Won’ or ‘Job Not Won’.
  • If you select ‘Job Won’, an email is automatically sent to the homeowner to confirm they have selected you as the tiler for the job and to remind them to leave a review for you online after the job completion – this is good for you and gives them the chance to be entered into our monthly prize draw where one lucky homeowner will win back the cost of their tiling up to a maximum of £1,000 (T&C’s on You will also receive a similar email for your reference.
  • If you select ‘Job Not Won’ you will be asked to click a reason (if known) and the job will be filed in your ‘Jobs Not Won’ tab.

Step 3: Jobs Won

  • All Jobs Won that were generated from BAL website leads will now be stored in this tab for your reference.