BAL Level Fast

Rapid-setting floor levelling compound

Technical Data
  • A fast-setting floor levelling compound, BAL Level Fast can be walked on after only 30 minutes and tiled on after 45 mins. Level Fast can be used from 2mm to 30mm – including only 3mm over timber. Formulated with Fibre Strand Technology for extra flexibility and strength, there is no need for spike rolling – saving significant project time. With a 10 minute bucket life and 10 minute wet edge, it gives you longer time with each mix.

    BAL Level Fast allows customers to get on with their jobs quickly, plus is has key features including including self-smoothing, self-healing and a low-shrinkage technology. With a one-pour technology it can be used over most substrates including concrete, sand:cement screeds, overlaid timber and crucially underfloor heating installations.

  • USE FOR:

    • Preparing floors for tiling
    • Most substrates
    • Dry/Wet
    • interior
    • Suitable for timber floors at 3mm
    • Walk on after 30 mins
    • 10 min wet edge
    • Level background from 2mm to 30mm.
    • Suitable for use with Underfloor Heating
    • Self-smoothing and self-healing.
    • No need to spike-roll.

    MAY BE TILED AFTER: 45 minutes

    COLOUR: Grey

    COVERAGE: 4m2 at 3mm thickness