BAL Waterproof 1C

The one-coat waterproofing solution

Technical Data
  • BAL Waterproof 1C is a ready-to-use, rapid-setting one coat waterproofing system for tiling in internal wet areas. Ready to tile after only 2 hours, Waterproof 1C can be applied with a brush, trowel or roller and no mixing is required! What’s more it can be used without priming on certain backgrounds, and provides crack bridging without tape on static cracks or board joints up to 3mm. Includes Fibre Strand Technology for improved strength.

    Replacing BAL WP1 and BAL Waterproofing Kit, BAL Waterproof 1C is an innovative system providing fast-track tanking on most backgrounds without the need to prime. Coverage of 6m2 per bucket is adequate for most domestic showers, bathrooms and small wet rooms. Easy for the fixer as no mixing is required, plus the product can be used for multiple installations. No need for excessive tapes or matting systems on most joints – except where movement may occur and between wall and floor.


  • USE FOR:

    • flexible, seamless one-coat waterproofing before tiling
    • most substrates
    • dry/wet interior
    • showers, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry/utility rooms
    • around drainage channels, upstands, pipes and floor wastes
    • crack bridging 2-3mm

    MAY BE TILED AFTER: 2 hours

    COLOUR: Light Grey

    TYPICAL COVERAGE (per pack):
    with THICKNESS: 0.8mm / 1.6mm
    SIZE: 5ltr 6m² / 3m²