ProFin DP and BL

Unique modular balcony and terrace edge profile system

Technical Data
  • The Gutjahr modular system of balcony profiles is a unique system of flexible, combinable drain profiles and fascias. Not only does it give you a combined drain and uncoupling profile when used in conjunction with the AquaDrain® drainage system, different heights can be realised with the easy slip-on ProFin® BL appatures, for height build-up from 21mm to 79mm.

    Available in 11mm, 21mm and 30mm profiles, 90 °  corner units and affiliated connectors, ProFin® DP end profiles have unpunched legs for safe simple waterproof attachment of seals with DiProtec® AB-KV sealing tape technology. Height can be extended with the addition of ProFin® BL push-on facing plates. While the system  includes support for ProRin® balcony gutters. Use with AquaDrain® EK and T+ matting systems, BAL adhesives and grouts for full external tiling solutions.


    • Combined drainage and uncoupling profiles for various height build-ups
    • New generation of edge profile with unpunched leg for safe, simple waterproof attachment of seals in combination with DiProtec® AB sealing tape technology.
    • Drainage slits for shedding surface and seepage water.
    • With supports for hanging ProRin® balcony gutters.
    • Use in combination with ProFin® BL push-on fascias for added height build-ups up to 79mm for various tiles types and sizes.
    • Use under cement-based waterproof coating such as BAL Tank-it.
    • Use as edging with combined AquaDrain® T+ or AquaDrain® EK drainage mats systems and accessories
    Composition:   ProFin® DP & BL profiles and Corners 90° are constructed from powder coated aluminium.
    Colour: Alumetallic. Other colours available on request.
    Size:  1 bar = 3m. 1 corner unit = 185mm x 185mm
    Additional Information: Height of structure dependent on type of construction and covering.