Need An Extra Hand?

BAL prides itself on providing you with the support and assistance you require to work better, faster and easier. As a BAL Partner you have access to a host of additional services to ensure your job runs as smoothly as possible.

Product and Technical Support

When you’re out on a job, what you want most is the reassurance that the products you’re using won’t fail. At BAL not only can you trust our quality product, we back this up with complete product support on the phone, online and on the road.

Covering the whole of the UK, BAL team of Area Managers and Technical and Training Support offer practice knowledge and on-site advice and training.

As ex-fixers themselves, our team are in the perfect position to answer your queries in a manner and terms you’ll understand.  If you’ve experienced a problem on your installation, you can trust our team to offer dependable solutions and remedies.


Apprentice Finder

Taking on an apprentice can deliver real results for your business, lowering training and recruitment costs, improving productivity and making your business more competitive.

By training your own tiling apprentice you can train them up to your standards, giving them the skills required that are specific for your business.

At BAL we have developed links with training colleges across the country to help BALPartners find local apprentices who have completed industry-recognised floor and wall tiling courses supported by our team of trainers.

To request access to our Apprentice Finder tool please email

M40/M20 Specification Writing Service

Need an M40 or M20 specification written for you next tiling project? No problem with our Specification Writing Service for BAL Partners.

Specifying tile adhesives can be a complex process, demanding exact answers to complex questions. But with BAL you do not need to be an expert to specify correctly every time. Sit back and let BAL write your M40 specifications.

Simply contact your local BAL Product Support Technician (PST) and we’ll take it from there!


Sample Testing Service

Choosing the right tiles and adhesives for a specific location or background is vitally important. By understanding the technical aspects of the tiles and fixing products, the correct products can be selected in advance to avoid potential failures. Our laboratory can identify and recommend products for your projects, particularly when specifying new construction materials or tile types, based on the sample provided.

Contact your PST today to access our Sample Testing Service.