Eco House

This new, large private home was designed to combine clean, good looks with energy efficiency and the ultimate in convenience. The ensuite master bathroom and sauna is complemented by further guest and children’s bathrooms, all tiled to the highest quality standards with BAL tiling products.

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The home of our dreams is already a natural goal for most. Today, there is also increasing consciousness of our responsibility, as individuals and as society, to reduce our carbon footprint.

That was certainly the aim of the Grant family when planning the major redevelopment of their Manchester property. They were committed to ensuring that the works could be achieved sustainably with maximum protection of the environment.

Tiling was the natural choice for the décor of the three bathrooms and sauna included in their plans. This would create the right context, and ensure lasting quality, for the anticipated relaxed enjoyment of these facilities.

However, their eco-build vision needed to be reconciled with a variety of individual challenges from each of the rooms. Some related to the different tiling backgrounds, and to proposed additional installations such as under tile heating. Others concerned the variety of tile types and sizes to be used to create each distinctive design.

All this called for specialist expertise and guidance to ensure correct specification as well as quality, value and peace of mind. The designers knew from previous experience how this could be assured: BAL products were to be used throughout, from priming to grouting including BAL Single Part Fastflex (elastomeric tile adhesive) and BAL Superflex (flexible tile grout for walls).

A BAL Product Support Technician made a site inspection. The required products were duly defined in an M40 Specification.

At the core of this specification was the desire to minimise the use of concrete, a primary raw material of most tiling adhesives and a recognised pollutant.

As a pioneering market leader, BAL was able to provide a more eco-friendly option: BAL Fastflex.

This is part of the BAL “Go Greener” range of specialist products. Like all BAL products, these are high performance and easy-to-use adhesives and grouts. However, they are specially formulated with alternative recycled fillers, which help minimise the carbon footprint of tiling.

To continue this environmentally-friendly solution, BAL Microcolour grout was used in all tiled rooms. This efflorescence-free, fast-setting grout is formulated without OPC cement, and produces a smooth, long-lasting finish.

The tiler, a veteran professional with 24 years experience, hailed the designers’ decision to specify BAL throughout: “You just don’t get the quality or backup from anyone else.”