Villa Marina Arcade

As with all historic buildings, refurbishment of this 1930s Arcade, linking a theatre and villa from Regency times, required a sure touch, sensitive planning – and total reliability from the materials employed. BAL tiling products met the challenge and made a vital contribution.

Villa Marina 5
Villa Marina 4
Villa Marina 3
Villa Marina 2
Villa Marina

This was no routine project: 1800m2 of access routes, bars and performance areas were carefully planned into an integrated whole. With a complex tiling design to ensure great visual appeal and impact.

Interlocking circles of stairs, curved ramps and sloping walkways required individual tiles to be each re-cut on-site with great accuracy, using advanced water-jet cutting techniques. Tile placement, fixing and finishing needed to be equally precise. The result: a rejuvenated environment for leisure and recreation that now fully complements the restored Gaiety Theatre and Villa Marina which adjoin the Arcade.

Anticipated heavy daily usage of the Arcade by the public pointed to both adhesives and grouts needing excellent bond strength.

With under-tile heating and pillars on the lower level, and a glass roof likely to cause thermal movement in the floor, flexibility was also vital. BAL Rapidset Flexible and PTB Flexible were the right adhesive answers – while BAL Superflex Wide Joint was the chosen grout. The tiles were ready to grout after 3 hours.