New venture Belvedere Stone joins forces with BAL

Launching this month (February), Belvedere Stone is part of the Lovell Stone Group, a family-owned company who own and operate 5 quarries in the UK.

The company has taken its significant knowledge and technical expertise and applied that to source stones from around the world.

Belvedere Stone offers a collection of excellent quality, hard-wearing and versatile stone products. Stones are sourced from historical areas around the world from the Tuscany region of Italy, to the mountains of North Western Vietnam. Each stone takes its name from the surrounding cultural landscape – from the Taishan Mountains of Southern China, to the ancient Egyptian palace complex of Malkata.

They offer a full NBS fixing, sealing and maintenance specification for all of their stones for contractors to follow; ensuring their stones are installed according to current British Standards and that all tenders for installation will be like-for-like.

In addition, Belvedere has partnered with BAL – the market leaders in the UK for full tiling solutions – who offer high quality fixing materials; adhesives, grouts, sealants etc, plus industry-leading technical support, RIBA-approved CPD seminars, NBS specifications and on-site project consultancy.

Using their experience in the specification sector, Belvedere compiled a shortlist of the best adhesive manufactures operating in the UK. They interviewed and scored each company on quality, technical competence and warranty to find the most professional company, with research providing a clear winner in BAL.

Speaking about the launch of the new brand, Simon Willmott, Technical Sales Manager at Lovell Stone Group said: “With decades of experience in the tile and stone industry both as an installer and latterly a specifier, I became disheartened with the influx of stone products on the market in the UK which did not comply with Building Regulations, British Standards and European regulations.

“I had visited too many projects in the UK where low quality stone, poor installation and maintenance systems had resulted in disappointment for the end user; creating a misconception that stone was a problematic and difficult material to work with.

“Over the last year, countless samples of stone have been sourced, tested and dismissed from all over the globe, leaving us with a very robust and unique collection of stones. We have applied the same rigorous testing methods to fixing and sealing materials, which allows us to offer a complete, warrantied specification for stone installation.”

On the partnership with BAL, he added: “Belvedere Stone’s world leading expertise in stone is matched by BAL’s world leading expertise in adhesives, allowing us to provide complete and robust NBS fixing specifications for Architects and contractors.

“Being able to provide one specification for complete installation eliminates any incompatibility between products, and by being involved in projects at the design and specification stage, we offer warrantied systems alongside reduced build ups, reduced build programmes and reduced budgets.

“Architects will benefit from our free NBS specification writing service, contractors will benefit by ensuring that specialist subcontractors are quoting on a like-for-like basis, and homeowners will benefit from BAL’s 25-year materials warranty.”

Allan Garland, Specification Manager at BAL said: “We are delighted to have entered into this partnership with Belvedere Stone to provide a one-stop solution for their natural stone tiling products.

“With both companies excelling in product innovation, technical excellence and customer service, BAL and Belvedere Stone are natural partners.  Our company values are clearly aligned, with the additional benefit of both being British companies.”

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