BAL Covid-19 Coronavirus Update (March 24th)

Everyone at Building Adhesives Ltd understand the serious current global situation and threats posed by Covid-19 Coronavirus. Further to our earlier statements, we are doing all we can to work safely as we support each other. We will ensure we always remain in line with government recommendations, and beyond, at our business facilities during this period.

In order to support material supply for any construction projects that have been advised or requested to continue within government guidelines, our manufacturing facilities will continue to operate for customers of Building Adhesives Ltd.

Here, we are enforcing the strictest measures to ensure first and foremost the safety of our operational teams and the safe provision of material, including revised shift staff and structure to ensure safe distances are maintained in all areas at all times, no contact between shifts and the highest hygiene measures in operation.  

For your awareness – every single office employee – across all departments – that can work remotely, will be working from home as required in the current period. Our digital infrastructure ensures that whenever you need us, all our office teams are still available and working to support you including Customer Services, Technical Services, Marketing, HR, Finance and Administration functions. All the team are available, fully operational and contactable by phone, email and video calls where applicable, to support our customer base.

The only exception within our office premises is the suspension of training at our Innovation & Technology Centre. All training has already been cancelled and will not resume until it is safe to do so, whereby we will advise. We will be providing seminars, webinars and digital training experiences through this period though, to allow any customers to develop their education and understanding remotely.

The field sales specialists: Area Sales Managers, Training & Technical Support and Specification Team are all also working from home, as required. We are still available for site query visits if required in-adherence with Covid-19 guidelines regarding social distancing and hygiene practices in particular; but nonetheless are fully contactable by phone, email and video calls to support you wherever needed.

Finally, we will continue to follow all recommendations from the Government and best practice. The health and well-being of our people, their families, our customers and supply partners is paramount as we look to support the need of current projects and services required in this difficult period.

In these challenging times we will endeavour to do all that we can to offer you our full support in line with the advice and instructions issued by the UK government.

BAL Covid-19 Coronavirus Update (March 20th)

In these strange and challenging times of a global pandemic we are reminded how connected we are as a society. With this in mind – and following clear guidance and measures in place – we can focus on working together to help us all remain as safe as possible.

The Building Adhesives team, like the rest of the country, continue to ensure we all work safely as we support each other.

With challenges ahead we will work to provide ongoing and new support services to help you as best as possible. 

In these challenging times, we wish you our best. 

The Coronavirus situation is extremely fluid at present and we would like to update you on our latest actions to ensure business continuity.

The health and well-being of our people, their families, our customers and supply partners is paramount.  To that end, we have plans in place to limit the impact of the Coronavirus as well as providing seamless, on-going service and delivery to our customers.

Employee and partner well-being

  • Appropriate hygiene measures are in place and active steps have been taken to increase social distancing between employees with staggered shifts and break patterns.
  • A combination of home-working and “socially distanced” office-based arrangements have been instigated.  All customer facing roles including order processing and technical services are set up and operating with off-site capability.
  • External teams are advised to limit their exposure to larger groups and to maintain proper social distancing protocols.  We will continue to provide customers with in-store/onsite support and technical advice as required.
  • We are using an integrated digital platform to facilitate the internal communication and collaboration within our work environment.
  • Visitors to the manufacturing site have been minimised to business critical and where possible, electronic mediums are used as a first option.
  • Immediate alert and action processes for any persons showing symptoms or having contact with persons with symptoms to protect all personnel, including monitoring policies for all staff (and dependents) to ensure health safeguards.

Ongoing Operations

  • Supply chain pressures are continuously being monitored and we are increasing stocks of key raw materials where possible.  For customers, please ensure your stocks of fast moving and critical products are sufficiently stocked in case of unforeseen supply disruption.
    • For your awareness, we have not had any supply continuity issues to-date and therefore we have full finished goods stocks plus raw materials and packaging to ensure on-going supply. 
    • Should this situation change, we will of course immediately inform customers of any short-term material shortages.
  • Internal and external training is being evaluated on a case-by-case basis and where possible, electronic mediums will be used.  Please liaise with your representative for any specific requirements.

Maintained support teams

  • To ensure you have access to all services you require, we have remote working processes and digitalised functions to ensure we can still provide help and advice to you in these times, when face-to-face contact is not preferred or suitable, including:
    • External teams monitored to adhere to practices to ensure your safety for any required meetings that continue.
    • Full departmental teams to provide Technical Advice, Specifications, Product Support, Order Management and Assistance, Sales & Marketing Support and all other services available online, by phone or video conferencing as required.
    • Online tools to ensure 24/7 access to product information, guides, industry developments and standards updates, specification development tools and your own business development tools.