Absolute Grout

Hygienic waterproof tile adhesive and grout for walls and floors

Technical Data
  • Chemical-resistant and solvent free, Absolute Grout is three-part high strength epoxy adhesive and grout suitable for bathrooms and wet rooms providing Absolute waterproof protection. Durable and abrasion-resistant, it provides an excellent set in 16 hours with full cure at seven days. Its use is recommended for food preparation areas where a hygienic surface is required. Absolute Grout is recommended for; domestic bathrooms and kitchens, worktops, breweries, abattoirs, dairies, swimming and hydro therapy pools, bathrooms, showers and power showers, hospital and industrial/chemical plants.

    Suitable for most tile types, BAL Absolute Grout is designed for domestic and small scale commercial projects and provides outstanding benefits. Formulated to resist chemical attack, the cured grout does not transfer taints to foodstuffs or permit the entry of dirt or bacteria, and is easily maintained in a sterile condition, making it perfect for hygiene-critical locations. Available in white, smoke and ebony, Absolute Grout offers excellent usability – with clean off suitable from 15minutes and up to 60 minutes after application.


    • Fixing wall and floor tiles; ceramics, porcelain and fully vitrified tiles, mosaics, and glass or translucent tiles including glass mosaics
    • Suitable for use with approved resin backed stone tiles.
    • Ideal for use in wet areas, including swimming pools.
    • For interior and exterior environments where high levels of adhesion and/or chemical resistance is required


    • Grouting wall and floor tiles; ceramics, porcelain and fully vitrified tiles, mosaics, in dry or wet interior and exterior environments that are subject to chemical attack, or where a hygienic, durable, abrasion-resistant, waterproof finish is required.
    • For joint widths from 2-12mm.
    • Recommended for food preparation areas where a hygienic, easily cleaned surface is required.

    POT LIFE AT 20C: 60 minutes

    SETS IN: 16 hours

    COLOURS: White, Ebony, Smoke

    JOINT WIDTHS: 2 to 12mm

    PACK SIZE: 2kg

    CLASSIFICATIONS: BS EN 12004 R2 (Adhesive), BS EN 13888 RG (Grout)

    TILE SIZES: 150x150x5mm 300x300x9mm
    with JOINT WIDTH: 2mm 3mm
    SIZES: 2kg 5m² 3.7m²

    TYPICAL COVERAGE AS ADHESIVE WITH MOSAIC TROWEL (per 2kg pack): 0.7 -1.1m2 depending on nature of surface and on trowel used.