TerraMaxx TSL

Height and level adjustable pedestal system for balconies, patios and terraces

Technical Data
  • Terramaxx TSL is a completely pre-assembled raised floor support system enabling quick and simple laying of tiles on balconies, terraces and other walk-on surfaces. Pipe and power lines as well as floor gullies can be hidden in the cavity between the covering and substrate and remain accessible. If required individual tiles can be lifted and exchanged.

    There are four different height adjustable systems from 36mm up to 120mm. An additional height adapter will allow any pedestal to be 80mm higher (up to 200mm). Perfect for self-laying ceramic and natural stone tiles. Self-adjustable fall: allows up to 9%. Compressive strength up to 600kg. Noise reduction is provided by specialist foam, while integrated joints (2mm) are ideal for installations.

  • Composition:  Black Polypropylene

    Colours: Black

    Pedestal heights : S – 36-43mm, M – 43-60mm, L – 58-75mm, XL – 75-120mm. Additional height adapter will allow any pedestal to be 80mm higher (up to 200mm).

    Key Features:

    ·         Integrated joints (2mm)

    ·         Noise reduction pads

    ·         Self-adjustable fall – allows up to 9%

    ·         Height adjustable without the needs for tools

    ·         Pre-manufactured, ready for immediate use.

    ·         Compressive strength up to 600kg.

     Other components – 80mm adapter, 5mm joint adapter, sound reduction pad, height adjustable edge profile (92-150mm), protective seal.

    Tile Size Pedestals per m2 (approx)
    250mm x 250mm 18
    300mm x 300mm 13
    400mm x 400mm 8
    450mm x 450mm 6
    500mm x 500mm 5
    400mm x 600mm 5
    600mm x 600mm 4
    1000mm x 500mm 3
    800mm x 800mm 2