Don’t let your installation be a damp squib – waterproof your background correctly!

Ensuring your wetroom, bathroom or shower installation is fully waterproof is crucial part of any tiler’s work, because tiles and grout on their own will not inherently protect against water damage.

Thankfully BAL has launched a new waterproofing system – BAL Tank-it – which is specially designed to include everything required to allow tilers to waterproof internal or external areas, such as swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, terraces, balconies and even fountains in a quick, easy and simple way.

A two-part product with 5kg powder, 5ltr liquid and 20m scrim tape (each sold separately), BAL Tank-it fully waterproofs the background behind the tiles to prevent water penetration and covers approximately 7m2 at 1mm thick.

As a result the kit prevents water saturating the whole area, reducing the risk of unsightly black mould forming, and drastically reducing the risk of more serious issues such as floor collapse and other surfaces vulnerable to corrosion.

Applying BAL Tank-it is incredibly easy – especially as no priming is needed unlike other waterproofing kits on the market. Simply apply the scrim tape to corners, junctions, penetration points and cracks in the substrate, then mix the powder and liquid as per packaging instructions and apply using a standard 4mm notched trowel and float, brush or roller.

What makes BAL Tank-it stand out is its rapid-setting nature. Thanks to its unique formulation, it can be tiled after only 90 minutes – making one-day installation a real possibility!

As well as providing ultimate all-round performance, ultimate workability and ultimate versatility, BAL Tank-it comes with a complete 25 year guarantee when used as part of a full BAL system solution providing market-leading peace of mind on all installations.

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