BAL launches new revised CPDs

BAL – the market-leaders in full tiling solutions – have launched three new revised RIBA-approved tiling CPDs.

The CPDs, entitled “Floor Tiling Solutions for the Modern Build”, “Tiling Solutions for Heavily Trafficked Areas” and “Tiling Solutions for Leisure Centres”, have been re-launched with up-to-date technical information to better reflect the changes in British Standards and building and construction trends.

Floor Tiling Solutions for the Modern Build aims to assist in the design process for successful specification and installation of all types of tile to common constructional backgrounds.

The CPD is split into four interchangeable modules which Identify potential, costly problems, considers how these problems can arise, offers practical advice on preventative measures and the use of correct materials.  It highlights British (and European) standards, health and safety issues and identifies the different types of adhesives, grout and pre-preparation technology available.

Tiling Solutions for Heavily Trafficked Areas provides design and specification guidance on relevant codes of practice and explains new ceramic tile adhesive technology and EN classifications, as well as providing further guidance on problem solving and how to avoid potentially costly failures.

The CPD aims to assist specifiers in specifying the correct tile types, incorporating movement joints and general design considerations for commercial project with heavy traffic such as airports, car showrooms and train stations.

The final updated CPD – Tiling Solutions for Leisure Centres – looks at the design process for the successful specification and installation of ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiling for leisure environments.

It covers the need for detail in tiling work specifications, guidance on codes of practice, new adhesive technology and EN classifications, examples of costly failures and a case study of successful specification for a large leisure facility including wet areas, areas of high humidity and swimming pools.

Paul Telfer, BAL Head of Specifications, said: “The new revised RIBA-approved CPDs help bring architects and specifiers up-to-date with the latest technical information and standards to ensure that they specify the correct products for their tiling installations – whether these are large commercial or small domestic projects.

“Lasting no more than 45 minutes, each CPD has been created with architects in mind and allows plenty of time for questions on aspects of tiling design.”

To book BAL’s new RIBA-approved CPDs at your practice please contact Janet Webster on 01782 591120, email training@building-adhesives or visit