BAL moves to more environmentally friendly packaging

BAL – market leaders for tiling solutions in the UK – have continued to develop its sustainable business focus with the introduction of more 100% recycled plastic containers.

From material sourcing, through to product launch, the environment impacts remain a key focus within all BAL’s processes and environmental management.

As a result, the business continues to remove the use of single-use plastics and transition wherever possible to 100% recycled plastics across all their product ranges where plastic is still required.

This has already been introduced to BAL’s liquid category with new PCR recycled bottles (grey bottle colour, rather than white) and now notable with their ready-to-use range of adhesives.

A greener “Green Star”

In the coming weeks, BAL will also be moving to 100% recycled plastic buckets and lids for their popular Green Star range of ready-mixed tile adhesive for small ceramic wall tiles.

This change will then be rolled out across further products in the coming months.

Alex Underwood, Head of Marketing and Customer Services at BAL, said: “The new packaging can be easily identified as the lid is now dark grey rather than the original green, with the first 10,000 units in the market having a printed lid with the “made using 100% recycled plastic” communication visible.

“As well as the sustainability benefits from not using virgin plastics, there is also an increase in the level of performance of the new buckets. The bucket’s base strength has increased from 65kg to 125kg meaning the product is now more resilient than ever.”

The increase in strength also provides the future option of possible higher product stacking on pallets which would also reduce transportation carbon emissions per unit.

As well as the entire bucket and lid being made from 100% recycled plastic, the original plastic handle has been replaced with a metal one which is 100% recyclable, recoverable and more robust.

Alex added: “The change in packaging will not impact on supply of Green Star or on our customer’s current operations, but offers distributors, contractors and fixers a more sustainable product.”

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