Carlton House

More than 170sqm of flooring was transformed with a stunning herringbone tiling , while three bathrooms – including a ensuite-style shower room, a luxurious main bathroom and fully accessible bathroom/wetroom – have been completed in Carlton using a full BAL tiling solution.

Steven Timmins from Timmins Tiling Ceramics, with support from Gary O’Neill of Taps ‘n Tiles, completed this epic 2-phase project with tiles supplied by Discount Tiles & Stone and BAL materials from CTD.

The full project was first inspected by BAL National Training and Technical Support Manager Lewis Lupton who completed a full write-up of the spec needed for the job.

The first phase of the job was 80sqm of beautiful herringbone tiles complete with border and tiled skirts fixed over a water-fed underfloor heating system and screed. The screed was prepared with BAL Rapid Mat uncoupling mat to keep any movement in the subfloor at bay, creating a buffer layer between screed and tile.

BAL Rapid-Mat thin lightweight uncoupling was then laid using BAL Rapid-Flex One adhesive, before the tiles were fixed using BAL Flex One, and grouted with BAL Micromax3 ECO in Walnut and finished with BAL Micromax Silicone.

Steven then worked to transform the three bathrooms to a whole new level using stunning 600x300mm porcelain tiles covering bother walls and floors.

All the wet areas were tanked with BAL Waterproof 1C– helping to keep the walls and floors safe from water damage and black mould.

The flooring needed to be level throughout, so the shower area that was connected to the utility room had BAL Flexbone VAried bonded fleece-backed, waterproof uncoupling mat laid which was added mainly to give Steven the extra height needed as the utility room was to be self levelled.

The bathrooms were finished with BAL Micromax2 and Micromax3 ECO grouts and BAL Micromax Silicone – in Jasmine on the walls and Pebble for the flooring.

Steven then moved onto the second phase of the project, where 90sqm of BAL Level Max and Level Fast levelling compounds were used to make the concrete substrate workable, level and ready to tile with more herringbone flooring.

Steven said: “After 7 years of flying solo, this was one of my most massive undertakings yet, and my nerves were buzzing.

“Unexpected twists turned this into a thrilling 2-phase project, made possible by one of the best customers I’ve ever had.

“Big thanks to Gary O’Neill for all his help in this 1st phase of the job, and a huge shout out to Discount Tiles & Stone, CTD Trade and BAL for top notch materials.

“I only ever use top-quality BAL materials from start to finish, giving my customers a rock-solid 25-year guarantee.”

Full list of BAL products used on the project include:

BAL APD primer

BAL Rapid Mat

BAL Flexbone VAried

BAL Rapid Flex One adhesive

BAL Flex One adhesive

BAL Waterproof 1C

BAL Primer 1C

BAL Level Max

BAL Level Fast

BAL Micromax 2

BAL Micromax3 ECO Grout

BAL Micromax Silicone


Smith Hill House

Set in the beautiful Upper Calder Valley in Yorkshire, Smith Hill House is a £4.5 million new build property with delicate features matching the local surroundings.

High quality tiling has been carried out throughout the property by Ian Cartmell, from Cartmell Tiling and Plastering, with product supplied from Topps Tiles.

Downstairs floor

The first floor of the property features a stunning 267m2 Egyptian limestone floor from Mandarin Stone. Laid onto an uncoupling system and fixed with BAL Flex Fibre Plus, the limestone tiles were intricately scribed by Ian to match the bespoke internal natural stone walls, and reclaimed stone fireplace feature.

Sealed and grouted with BAL Micromax2 Jasmine grout, the floor makes for a spectacular space for living and entertaining that will last the test of time.

Master Ensuite

Perhaps the pièce de resistance of the property is the spectacular master ensuite, featuring an elegant book-matched Mistral Vista White marble feature wall with interior lighting, bespoke herringbone floor with Andora Grey Ash Chevron wood effect porcelain, and shower rooms with intricate drain cuts and internal, resin-filled mitred tiles.

The room also featured rustic Berlin Cotton ceramic wall tiles and Terrain Thorn porcelain tiles in the toilet area.

If you look closely, you can see the detail of the book-matched marble running perfectly through the wall columns – this was all fixed and matched from one tile, mitred and resin-filled.

Ian had to work around an out of square room, turning the floor by 2 cm to ensure the edging strip matches the threshold of the adjacent bedroom floor.

All fixed with BAL adhesives, the room perfectly matching the decadence of the roll-top bath and bespoke fittings, the main bathroom is an incredible example of top-quality workmanship matching the brief from client and designers Holt Living.

Girls bathroom

Each bathroom was designed and tiled to a bespoke specification from the client – and that is no more evident than in the girls bathroom.

Built-out and prepared with WEDI board – as are all the main bathrooms and toilets – the girls bathroom is tiled with Terrazzo Nouveau Cobalt Matt Porcelain tiles with a blue shimmer effect, to match the client’s daughter’s favorite colour.

Panelling was tiled with Oska Linen Matt Porcelain tiles.

Care was made to ensure that the tiles ran in line and matched to the protruding store cupboard – also designed and built by Ian.

Again tiles were fixed with BAL Flex Fibre Plus, and grouted with BAL Micromax2.

Boys bathroom

A beautiful example of a well-designed and tiled bathroom, the “boys bathroom” at Smith Hill House includes a stunning ground Pebble Grey porcelain tiled floor, and an intricate slender Iggy Grey Gloss Porcelain Mosaic.

The lower half of the wall, bath surround and shower room feature a natural stone effect large format Silica Taupe Porcelain.

Soft lighting and bespoke fittings make for a luxurious bathroom space.

Guest Ensuite

A classic and elegantly designed ensuite toilet and shower room, this room includes stunning Mimica Bianco Revenna Gold Mat Porcelain, with intricate Calacatta Amber Honed Marble Herringbone Mosaic detailing above the sink

Wood-effect Jacob Pine Porcelain wall tiles were added following a recommendation from Ian, and provide a perfect surround for the toilet and mirror, with tiles running from floor to ceiling for a seamless effect.

Smooth contours and a soft finish ensures a delicate and peaceful setting for visitors.

Downstairs WC

Also designed by Holt Living, the downstairs WC is a beautiful example of convenience and style.

The floor is tiled in Henley Thistle wood-effect floor tiles, inspired by parquet flooring. The back-wall features stunning Elegance Merino Grey polished porcelain.

However the stand-out element of the room is a stunning basin ledge, tiled with Dorset Calacatta Oro marble-effect porcelain tile, which is expertly mitred and resin-filled.

Dog Shower

Finishing off the project is a bespoke Dog Shower tiled with Hoxton Olive Gloss Porcelain and Terrazzo Nouveau Cognac Matt Porcelain. All prepared with WEDI board.

BAL Products Used:

BAL Micromax Sealant Smoke, Ash, Ebony, Brooklyn

BAL Max Flex Fibre

BAL Flex Fibre Plus

BAL Micromax2 Grout Jasmine – limestone floors

BAL Micromax2 Natural Light

BAL Micromax2 Regal Grout Ash

BAL Micromax2 Regal Grout Vanilla

BAL Micromax2 Brooklyn

BAL Micromax2 Coffee

BAL Micromax2 Gunmetal


Ground Floor Area:

  • 267m² Classic Lyon Tumbled Free Lengthx600x13mm

Country of origin: Egyptian Limestone


Boy’s Bedroom:

  • 13m² Iggy Grey Gloss Porcelain Mosaic 12x92mm Chip
  • 22m² Silica Taupe Porcelain 1200x600x12mm
  • 10m² Pebble Grey Porcelain 600x600x10mm


Girl’s Bedroom:

  • 8.52m² Terrazzo Nouveau Cobalt Matt Porcelain 600x600x10mm
  • 10.2m² Oska Linen Matt Porcelain 246x60x8mm
  • 1.2m² Oska Navy Matt Porcelain 246x60x8mm


Guest Bedroom:

  • 18.72m² Mimica Bianco Ravenna Gold Matt Porcelain 1200x600x12mm
  • 8m² Classic Petra Sand Matt Porcelain 600x600x9mm
  • 12.68m² Jakob Pine Porcelain 1510x240x11mm
  • 4 sheets of Calacatta Amber Honed Marble Herringbone Mosaic 15x75mm Chip 325x260x10mm


Dog Shower/Downstairs W/C:

  • 5m² Hoxton Olive Gloss Porcelain 240x60x10mm
  • 11m² Terrazzo Nouveau Cognac Matt Porcelain 600x600x10mm






The Gart

Featuring more than 500m2 of tiling on three floors and seven bathrooms, The Gart is a fabulous example of a high quality, modern tiling, completed despite a challenging design brief from the project’s artist owner.

Tiling in the property took more than a year and was completed by Wesley Geraghty from Atlas Tiling contractors.

An outstanding domestic project, The Gart offers amazing contemporary interiors with 13 luxury bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and an array of amenities including a games room, piano room, a 100 foot long reception room and its very own gin and whiskey bar. There is a beautiful kitchen and fabulous dining room , complete with bespoke dining chairs featuring the artist owner’s work from The Savoy in London.

Valued at £1.75 million, the property required tiling of the highest order with expert craftsmanship to fulfil a challenging design brief that incorporated an array of tile types and intricate designs on challenging substrates.

A handsome stone-built Scots baronial country house – it dates back to 1835 – and was rebuilt and extended after a fire in 1901.

The majority of the tiling took place on the low ground floor, ground floor and basement – this included the dining room, piano room, reception room, games room and bar – and featured stunning 750mm x 750mm Atlas Concorde marble-look porcelain floor tiles in various shades to match the décor.

Because the substrate was tongue and groove floor boards, potential issues included weight loading, height build-up, deflection and lateral movement in the floor.

To combat these potential issue and to ensure the luxury tiles did not experience any failures, BAL Rapid-Mat lightweight uncoupling mat was installed throughout to protect the tiling but also add minimal height to the floors.

One of the most challenging but ultimately one of the most inspiring rooms was a second-floor bathroom featuring a raised platform with a roll top brass bath.

Wes Geraghty was tasked with coming up with a design that replicated the splendour of the surroundings and opted for an intricate herringbone design.

Because the cuts on the top section and bottom section wouldn’t line-up, Wes plumped for mirror tiles on the outside of the step – which would highlight the step and provide a stunning reflection. Mirror tiles were also used on the walls to give an impression of extra space.

All floor tiles were tiled with BAL Rapid Flex-One, flexible rapid-setting adhesive, while wall tiles were tiled with BAL Single Part Flexible. All the tiling was grouted in BAL Micromax2 flexible wall and floor grout.

“I was delighted to use BAL throughout the project, as it my trusted tiling-system partner,” said Wes.

“I was going to use another uncoupling system, however because of the low build-up required, BAL Rapid-Mat was our only option on this occasion.

“I am delighted with how the whole project looks following completion – and so to was the client,” added Wes.

“Not only did the tiling need to match his individual artistic tastes, it also needed to match the high-end tastes of his clients who he often hosts in the property, as well as high-end individuals who rent out the property on a regular basis.

“In fact we were under time pressure to complete this project, as Ed Sheeran had hired out the property following one of gigs in Glasgow.

“It was a pleasure to work on, and we believe we have really brought the client’s work to life in the property.”

The Gart was a finalist for The Tile Association Awards 2019 for Best Domestic Project.


Project Name: The Gart

Location: Callander, Stirlingshire

Description: Refurbishment of 19th Century exclusive-use mansion with a full BAL tiling solution.

BAL products used:


ADHESIVES: BAL Rapid Flex One, BAL Single Part Flexible

GROUT: BAL Micromax2

OTHER: BAL Micromax Sealant, BAL Prime APD


Atlas Concorde marble-effect porcelain tiles

Mirror tiles

Black Granite Floor Tiles

Project Partners

MATERIALS: Collinsons Ceramics

TILING: Atlas Tiling Ltd

Residential refurbishment with BAL Flexbone 2Easy and Pourable One

Preparation time was reduced dramatically with the use of BAL’s new floating uncoupling mat – Flexbone 2Easy – on a prime redevelopment in County Durham. The 200m² problem screed to be tiled had two days of preparatory work scheduled before installation could even begin, but this was reduced to just half a day using BAL Flexbone 2Easy.

Tile installation was onto a new pumped concrete screed, which had hairline cracks, residue and laitance on the surface. To fix tiles in a traditional manner – direct to the screed or using a bonded uncoupling mat – would have required the screed to be abraded to remove the laitance and significantly primed at considerable time and cost.

The use of BAL Flexbone 2Easy floating uncoupling mat alleviated the need to abrade and prime the screed, as the only preparation required was a quick sweep of the surface.

The mat was simply rolled out onto the screed. 800mm x 800mm, 10mm thick porcelain tiles were laid directly onto the matting, adhered with BAL Pourable One flexible tile adhesive – a pourable thick bed tile adhesive perfect for fixing large format floor tiles at up to 25mm bed depth. The tiles were grouted with BAL Micromax2 in smoke.

Karl Fortune, tiler at Fortune Tiling, said: “The mat was incredibly easy to use and saved me significant time and money on preparation and materials.

“The use of Flexbone 2Easy has saved at least a day and half of preparation time, plus cost savings on primer and adhesive.

“BAL Pourable One adhesive is my go to adhesive for large format floor tiling – easy to mix up and spread, and helps me achieve 100% coverage every time.”

BAL Flexbone 2Easy is a unique mat to the UK market which is truly uncoupled, protecting floor tiles from lateral movement.

No removal or residue, no removal of laitance and no priming of the surface is needed. This means that contaminated and stained floors, wooden floors, cracked screeds and mixed substrates can be tiled immediately – as long as they are flat, level and rigid.

As well as time savings from the lack of preparation, materials costs are also significantly reduced with no need for primers, plus a massive adhesive saving of 2kg/m², when compared to laying bonded cavity mat systems.

Time trials indicate the removal of subfloor preparation for installations provides a minimum 50% time saving.

Lengthy waiting times on new screeds are avoided as Flexbone 2Easy can be laid on new sand:cement screeds when they are ready to be walked on, or new anhydrite screeds that aren’t fully cured (up to 1.5% CM residual moisture). This means no more projects on hold for weeks on end waiting for the screed to dry!

Fast-track installation is possible as any residual moisture in the substrate is distributed evenly through a system of perforations and channels in the mat, meaning the screed can fully cure under the tiling with no issues.

BAL Flexbone 2Easy also featured patented GripLock Technology and unique bone structure.

The patented design has been independently tested to provide the highest shear strength (providing more accommodation of higher levels of lateral movement) and the highest tensile strength (to stops tiles ‘popping-off’, or cracking under pressure). These highly flexible and deformable properties ensure all tile installations are protected from lateral movement and pressures.

As well as providing long-term benefits in terms of strength and flexibility, the unique bone structure also makes for significantly faster installations as the design ensures the trowelling-out of adhesive on the surface layer is fast and easy

“I would definitely recommend the use of this product, particularly if there are issues with the substrate,” added Karl.

“It’s a radical solution, but because it’s from BAL and comes with a 25-year guarantee, it is certainly a solution I trust.”

Kirklees Estate Gatehouse

BAL have worked in partnership with CJ Ceramics (est. 1985) and English Heritage for the stunning renovation of a Grade-1 listed 16th Century gatehouse on the site of “Robin Hood’s” Grave.

Kirklees Estate Gatehouse2
Kirklees Estate Gatehouse
Kirklees Priory 16 300dpi Web
Kirklees Priory 8 300dpi web
Kirklees Priory 7 300dpi web

Located on the historic Kirklees Estate in Calderdale, West Yorkshire, the Gatehouse is a now located on private land and used as a luxury rental residence.

According to local legend Kirklees Hall is said to the final resting place of Robin Hood who was allegedly “murdered” on the site and buried nearby.

Craig Sellars from CJ Ceramics was commissioned to tile the interior of the gatehouse in Modena marble-effect porcelain supplied by Yorkshire Tile Company.

Because of the historic nature of the building including fragile lime render, Craig called on the expertise of BAL Product Support Manager Lewis Lupton to provide a technical specification for fixing materials.

“As soon as I was commissioned for this project, I immediately called on Lewis to provide specification and product support as I would be tiling onto sensitive backgrounds,” said Craig.

“In conversation with English Heritage and the owner, we agreed upon a fixing solution to ensure that the original fabric of the building was not compromised in any way.”

Original floor joists were protected with 12mm plywood over-boarded with 6mm BAL Board to create a firm base to tile onto.

Recently launched, BAL Board is a lightweight tile backer board that is 15-35% lighter than traditional cement-based boards. Because no specialist cutting tools are required and the product produces minimal dust when cut, it is a perfect product for sensitive heritage backgrounds and environments.

Following installation of the BAL Board, the surface was levelled with BAL Level Max as there were areas which had dropped 30mm due to due subsistence in the historic building.

The 800x800mm tiles were then fixed with new BAL Rapid-Flex One – a new all-white S1 adhesive with improved flexibility and strength. Because of its unique formulation, BAL Rapid-Flex One has an extended open time of 30 minutes and working time of 60 minutes, while it can still be grouted after only three hours.

Where necessary, Craig tanked backgrounds with BAL Tank-it – a rapid-setting tanking system which can be tiled on only 90 minutes with no priming needed.

To tile onto the historic lime render, Craig removed any surface efflorescence before priming with two coats of BAL Prime APD followed by a skim coat of flexible adhesive. Following another priming coat, the tiles were fixed with BAL Single Part Flexible.

Following installation of the tiles, they were grouted with BAL Micromax2 in White with edges and corners sealed with colour-matched BAL Micromax Silicone Sealant.

“It was a fantastic job to be involved with in such an historic building. Thankfully I had the support of BAL to ensure the right fixing solution was found,” said Craig.


Project Name: Grade I listed 16th century gatehouse

Location: Kirklees Estate, Calderdale, Yorkshire

Description: Complete renovation of historic gatehouse on the Kirklees Estate, home to the “grave” of Robin Hood.

BAL products used:




ADHESIVES: BAL Rapid Flex One, BAL Single Part Flexible

GROUT: BAL Micromax2 White

OTHER: BAL Micromax Sealant


Modena 800x800mm marble-effect porcelain

Project Partners

TILING: CJ Ceramics (est. 1985) – Craig Sellars

MATERIALS: Yorkshire Tile Company



Elmwood Cranage

BAL has provided a full tiling solution for the renovation of a six bedroom country house in Cheshire tiled by Mark Isherwood from Artisan Tiling.

IMG_5396 web
IMG_5394 web
IMG_5392 web
IMG_5025 web
IMG_5382 web

Featuring intricate brick slips, porcelain plank tiles and polished porcelain, the stunning redevelopment also features an external water feature tiled with split face stone.

A total of 400m2 of tiling was completed on both the ground and first floor of the property including the kitchen, four bathrooms and a cloak room over a calcium sulfate screed which was sanded and primed with BAL PRIME APD and decoupled using BAL RAPID-MAT uncoupling mat system.

Designed by Stuart Frazer Kitchens, the kitchen area features 1200x300mm Argento Sycamore porcelain plank tiles and a wall feature with split face stone supplied by Mandarin Stone.

As the kitchen and hallway floors weren’t flat, Mark used BAL LEVEL MAX levelling compound to create a smooth and level surface to tile onto.

The four bathrooms and the ground-floor cloakroom were all designed by Emma Scott from C.P Hart and feature a range of polished porcelain tiles.

Tiled in a linear pattern, the master en-suite features 895 x 446mm Jumble Cemento tiles, while the loft bathroom is tiled with Aalto Collagna on the floor with 596 x 596mm tiles, and 596 x 295mm tiles on the wall in a linear pattern.

The main family bathroom at the property is tiled in dark brown Aalto Toanna, again in a linear pattern on the floor and walls.

The ground floor cloakroom is tiled in Aalto Cerreto 600 x 300mm also in a linear pattern.

Aalto is a colour-bodied porcelain tile inspired by the hills of central Italy. The warm, organic colours vary markedly within each tile, reflecting a natural landscape.

All floor tiles were fixed with BAL SUPERCOVER RAPID-FLEX adhesive and grouted with BAL MICROMAX2 Smoke, while all wall tiles were fixed using BAL SINGLE PART FLEXIBLE in white or grey and grouted using BAL MICROMAX2 grout in varying colours, all primed with BAL PRIME APD first.

BAL worked with Artisan Tiling to provide a full M40 Specification and on-site project support including screed testing on the calcium sulfate screed by Lewis Lupton, Product Support Technician for the North.

On completion of the project, Mark said: “This was an amazing project to be involved with, featuring high quality designs, superior tiles and last, but not least, great fixing materials.

“I am a great fan of BAL whose products I use on a regular basis. You can always trust BAL for quality, plus they give you great back-up. As soon as I won this job I phoned Lewis who wrote a full specification and came on site to test the screed for moisture.

“It was a testing job over a long period of time, but BAL were with me every step of the way.”


Project Name: Six-bedroom country house renovation

Location: Elwood Cranage, Cheshire

Description: High quality tiling kitchen, cloakroom and four bathrooms of a six bedroom country house in leafy Cheshire.

BAL products used:

WATERPROOFING: BAL Waterproofing Kit


ADHESIVES: BAL Supercover Rapid-Flex and BAL Single Part Flexible

GROUT: BAL Micromax2

OTHER: BAL Micromax Sealant, BAL Prime APD


Kitchen: Argento Sycamore

Master En-suite: Jumble Cemento

Loft Bathroom: Aalto Collagna

House Bathroom: Aalto Toana

Bedroom 2 En-suite: Mollino White

Cloakroom: Aalto Cerreto

Project Partners

DESIGN: Emma Scott – CP Hart and Stuart Frazer Kitchens

MATERIALS: Mandarin Stone

TILING: Artisan Tiling

Hale Barns Mansion

BAL, the UK market-leaders in full tiling solutions, have provided a full system solution of tiling products to help transform a high-spec six-bedroom mansion in Hale Barns, Cheshire.

Hale Guest Ensuite stunning mosiac tiled wetroom in attic room 1
Hale Ensuite 1 Intricate Hexagonal Tiling
Hale Master Ensuite Book-Matched Marble Walk-In Shower Room
Hale Ensuite 2 brick effect tiling
Hale Top Ensuite2
Hale Top Ensuite3

Shortlisted for the The Tile Association (TTA) Awards 2016 for Best Use of Tile in a Domestic Environment category, the project was completed over a six-month period by Dave Stott from Elite Tiling Ltd.

The high-spec property is a fantastic example of modern tiling, including the creation of a stunning mosaic wet room and bathroom that was previously an unused attic space and a complex hexagonal patterned tiling installation in one of the en-suite renovations.

BAL tile adhesives, grouts, sealants and preparation products were specified throughout the project which included a family bathroom, and four ensuites, including master ensuite and guest ensuite, each with their own unique patterns and styles helping to create a stunning property in the Cheshire countryside.

BAL worked extensively with Dave Stott including specification support from BAL’s Technical Advisory Service (TAS) and on-site support from BAL’s expert Product Support Technicians.

“BAL were absolutely brilliant from start to finish, visiting the site to assist with product specification and technical advice,” said Dave.

“I have always used BAL as they never let me down. This was a prestigious, high-value project, so I instantly turned to BAL to provide a high quality, value-for-money fixing solution that I know will last the test of time.”

Fixed with BAL Supercover Rapidset Flexible, BAL Single Part Flexible and grouted with BAL Micromax2 Gunmetal, the stunning 29m2 family bathroom features stunning 300 x 600mm Purestone Grigio Natural Rectified Porcelain tiles fixed in a brick bond pattern on both walls and floors.

The area around the bath and shower area was tiled with textured Purestone Grigio Muretto 3D Décor tiles fixed with BAL Single Part Flexible. Not only do the textured tiles provide a stunning finish to the bathroom, they also deliver longevity, protecting against damage, wear and tear.

Situated at the front of the house, the 14m2 Ensuite 1 features striking 266 x 230mm hexagonal tiles (Alchimia Mix 1 Bianco Grigio and Alchimia Esagono Bianco) for the walls, floors and shower area.

Before tiling commenced, the floor was primed with BAL Bond SBR, Wedi boards at 6mm were installed and under floor heating mat laid and covered with BAL Fibrebase levelling compound, before the tiles were set-out and fixed.

Without doubt the biggest challenge of the room was the setting out of the walls to ensure perfect symmetry of the room – including intricate internal cuts to ensure the correct pattern and size continued around corner with perfection. The finished walls and floors were grouted with BAL Micromax2 Gunmetal and sealed with matching silicone.

Ensuite 2 is tiled with large format ceramic tiles (Modern Colour White and Modern Colour Silver) in brick bond pattern on the walls and glazed porcelain on the floor fixed with BAL Single Part Flexible and BAL Supercover Rapidset. Featuring a number of intricate recesses, the bathroom was also finished with BAL Micromax2 in Gunmetal and colour-matched BAL Micromax Sealant for consistency of colour and tone.

Tiled with stunning book-matched marble by Isaac Davila from Rockford, Fior di Bosco and Rosa Auria Extra, the 22m2 master ensuite is an ode to high quality tiling.

Fixed with BAL Single Part Flexible on the walls and BAL Supercover Rapid Set on the floors, the ensuite features a walk-in shower with a brown marble book-matched seat and recess.

A converted attic space used to accommodate guests, the Guest Ensuite is surely the property’s pièce de résistance. After extensive and exhaustive preparation work including the cladding of the entire room with tile backer-board and double scratch-coats, the room was tiled with 5mm x 25mm Stone Glass Mix White mosaic tiles which curved around the upper radius of the room, and Petrified Tree White Lion Core Natural Porcelain Tiles fixed with BAL Supercover Rapidset and grouted in a brick bond pattern on the walls to complete a simply stunning wetroom.


Project Name:

6-bedroom mansion


Hale Barns, Cheshire


High quality tiling throughout six-bedroom, five-bathroom property in the heart of Cheshire.

BAL products used:

ADHESIVES: BAL Rapidset Flexible, BAL Supercover Rapidset Flex, BAL Supercover Rapidset, BAL Single Part Flexible

GROUT: BAL Micromax2 (Gunmetal)

OTHER: BAL Fibrebase, BAL Bond SBR


Purestone Grigio Natural Rectified Porcelain 300 x 600mm

Alchimia Mix 1 Bianco Grigio and Alchimia Esagono Bianco 266 x 230mm

Modern Colour White and Modern Colour Silver ceramic

Isaac Davila from Rockford book-matched marble

Fior di Bosco and Rosa Auria Extra book-matched marble

Stone Glass Mix White mosaic tiles 25 x 25mm

Petrified Tree White Lion Core Natural Porcelain

Project Partners:

DESIGN: Martin Hobin, MH Interiors (NW)

TILING: Dave Stott, Elite Tiling

MATERIALS: Contract Tile Consultants, Cheshire





Eco House

This new, large private home was designed to combine clean, good looks with energy efficiency and the ultimate in convenience. The ensuite master bathroom and sauna is complemented by further guest and children’s bathrooms, all tiled to the highest quality standards with BAL tiling products.

Eco House1
Eco House2
Eco House3

The home of our dreams is already a natural goal for most. Today, there is also increasing consciousness of our responsibility, as individuals and as society, to reduce our carbon footprint.

That was certainly the aim of the Grant family when planning the major redevelopment of their Manchester property. They were committed to ensuring that the works could be achieved sustainably with maximum protection of the environment.

Tiling was the natural choice for the décor of the three bathrooms and sauna included in their plans. This would create the right context, and ensure lasting quality, for the anticipated relaxed enjoyment of these facilities.

However, their eco-build vision needed to be reconciled with a variety of individual challenges from each of the rooms. Some related to the different tiling backgrounds, and to proposed additional installations such as under tile heating. Others concerned the variety of tile types and sizes to be used to create each distinctive design.

All this called for specialist expertise and guidance to ensure correct specification as well as quality, value and peace of mind. The designers knew from previous experience how this could be assured: BAL products were to be used throughout, from priming to grouting including BAL Single Part Fastflex (elastomeric tile adhesive) and BAL Superflex (flexible tile grout for walls).

A BAL Product Support Technician made a site inspection. The required products were duly defined in an M40 Specification.

At the core of this specification was the desire to minimise the use of concrete, a primary raw material of most tiling adhesives and a recognised pollutant.

As a pioneering market leader, BAL was able to provide a more eco-friendly option: BAL Fastflex.

This is part of the BAL “Go Greener” range of specialist products. Like all BAL products, these are high performance and easy-to-use adhesives and grouts. However, they are specially formulated with alternative recycled fillers, which help minimise the carbon footprint of tiling.

To continue this environmentally-friendly solution, BAL Microcolour grout was used in all tiled rooms. This efflorescence-free, fast-setting grout is formulated without OPC cement, and produces a smooth, long-lasting finish.

The tiler, a veteran professional with 24 years experience, hailed the designers’ decision to specify BAL throughout: “You just don’t get the quality or backup from anyone else.”