XL Floor One

Flexible thick bed tile adhesive for large format floor tiles

Technical Data
  • XL Floor One is and XL-ent adhesive for fixing large format floor tiles in dry or wet interior and exterior environments. With extended open and working times, it allows allows bigger mixes and longer runs – without worry the product will go off. Use up to 25mm bed thickness in one application – ideal for patch repair and levelling small areas. New and improved formulation means back-buttering is not always needed on flat surfaces.

    Specify BAL XL Floor One on M40 or M20 specifications when working with large format natural stone, ceramic, porcelain and terrazzo tiles. XL Floor One is particularly recommended for tiles, panels, and slabs with uneven thickness such as slate, and for use on difficult backgrounds such as swimming pools, heated screeds and installations subject to limited movement. Grouting can commence in 6 hours, for fast track project completion.

  • USE FOR:

    • most large tile types (including porcelain), natural stone, external tiles / use on uneven surfaces
    • dry/wet – interior/exterior
    • including swimming pool bases/wet room floorsPOT LIFE AT 20°C: 90 minutes

    GROUT AFTER: 6 hours

    COLOURS: White

    TYPICAL COVERAGE (per pack):
    with THICKNESS: 3mm
    SIZE: 20kg White 20kg 5.0m²