The easiest external tiling system under the sun

BAL – market-leaders in full tiling systems – have a launched a new external tiling range for easy installation of slabs and 20mm porcelain paving.

A new range for fixing external tiles and porcelain paving

The simple range provides a familiar system for the most-common process of installing patios and ground floor terraces.

Using the market-leading performance and quality standards, the new range provides improved installation for the two main build-ups in the UK: concrete or Type 1 MOT, or concrete which is in perfect condition for tiling.

When installing onto concrete or Type 1 MOT, easy fixing is made possible with three new BAL External Range Products:

BAL Priming Slurry Bond a flexible slurry priming coat for bonding external pavers and tiles.

  • Fast and simple to use – only requires mixing with water
  • Provides excellent bonding strength between base and pavers or tiles
  • Excellent coverage of 8m2 at 2mm thickness
  • Brush, roll or trowel on
  • Fully compliant with BS 7533

BAL Bedding MortarA pre-blended mix of cement and graded fillers to provide a semi-dry mortar bed

  • Simple to use, just add water and mix in a force action mixer
  • Can be laid from 10mm for concrete, or 25mm for Type 1 MOT, to 100mm in a single application
  • Gives more than 1 hour working time
  • Walkable in 12 hours n Freeze/thaw resistant and conforms to BS 7533 requirement

BAL Terrace GroutProvide the perfect finish with this high performance flexible joint compound for pavers and tiles

  • Super smooth and hard-wearing finish
  • Mixes quickly on-site with water
  • Exceptional bond strength and flexibility
  • Joint widths up to 15mm
  • Available in 4 key colours – beige, light grey, dark grey, charcoal
  • Frost and heat resistant n Conforms to EN 13888

When fixing onto concrete which is in a good condition for tiling, but may need smoothing out, BAL is launching new BAL Level Out, a fast-setting one-part external levelling compound for smoothing rough or impact damaged concrete.



BAL Level Out has a number of performance benefits including:

  • Suitable for external applications
  • Fast-setting – walkable after 2-3 hours
  • Apply from 2mm to 20mm thick in a single application
  • Smooth flow and excellent coverage – 3m² at 5mm thick
  • Water content can be reduced for gradient levelling (i.e. creating falls etc)
  • 30-minute bucket life

When fixing direct onto concrete or leveller, BAL recommends the use of BAL XL Floor One.

BAL XL Floor One is a semi-rapid-setting, thick-bed tile adhesive, perfect for fixing large format porcelain, slabs and natural stone.

With bed depths up to 25mm, it is suitable to level minor inconsistencies. As a pourable adhesive it makes tiling easy over larger areas. With a thixotropic formulation, ribs hold their shape and easily collapse to ensure solid-bed fixing. Back-buttering is not required with flat, level surfaces.

All BAL’s products are freeze/thaw resistant and use the most up-to-date technology ensures long-lasting patios and terraces.

A straightforward system, it’s the easiest external fixing range under the sun! No complex primers, no complex preparation, just trusted market-leading products!