BAL Micromax3 ECO

The next generation of Micromax antimicrobial grout, delivering all the benefits of Micromax2 and more with market-leading performance, control and sustainability. Micromax3 ECO features new improved, longer-lasting Microban antimicrobial protection, locked in colour-consistency and efflorescence-free formulation. Easier clean-off and less haze ensures a more durable lasting finish every time. Environmentally friendly it is made with 25% recycled materials, fully recyclable packs and low-dust technology.

Rapid-drying in 2-3 hours, with new rapid-hardening chemistry, ensures the water is maintained within the grout, ensures a more consistent finish and eliminates the risk of water staining on natural stone. Now suitable for use in swimming pools and up to 30mm joint widths with improved anti-shrinkage and anti-cracking. Suitable to mix part-bags with no loss of colour consistency or performance. Makes your job easier with easier clean-off on textured surfaces.

Available in: White, Jasmine, Gunmetal, Pebble, Ebony, Smoke, Anthracite, Tornado Sky, Dovetail, Taupe Grey, Storm Grey, Walnut, Hazel, Mahogany, Cornflower White, Peppermint, Pink Champagne and Primrose.

Additional collections available at Topps Tiles only, including: Ash, Lime, Cement, Pecan, Cedar, Coffee, Antique White, Praline, Jade, Sky, Blush, Brooklyn, Graphite, Natural Light, Stonewash Blue, Powdered Rose, Light Oak and Medium Oak


BAL XL Floor One

XL Floor One is and XL-ent floor tile adhesive for fixing XL or large format floor tiles in dry or wet interior and exterior environments. With extended open and working times, it allows bigger mixes and longer runs – without worry the product will go off. Use up to 25mm bed thickness in one application – ideal for patch repair and levelling small areas. New and improved formulation means back-buttering is not always needed on flat surfaces.

XL Floor One provides the perfect answer for fixers installing large format natural stone and tiles onto internal or external screeds – including tampered external concrete. XL Floor One is perfect for most types of substrates and is especially recommended for tiles/slabs of uneven thickness such as slate, and difficult backgrounds which may cause traditional adhesive to crack or de-bond from the tile. One white colour, XL Floor One can be grouted in as little as 6 hours – a true “overnighter”.

BAL Level Out

BAL Level Out is a high performance, fast-setting external leveller for smoothing rough or impact damaged external concrete bases prior to tiling. BAL Level Out can be used from 2mm to 20mm thickness in a single application and is suitable for tiling after 3 hours, walkable after 2 hours at 20C. Water content can be reduced if gradient levelling has to be carried out.

Where levelling is needed on external concrete bases, think BAL Level Out – the easy-to-use external leveller. Just add 5.25ltrs of water and then pour! BAL Level Out will flow out easily and self-smooth. BAL Level Out provides installers with a 30 minute pot life for a longer time to pour and spread. Water and frost resistant ensures long-life installations.


BAL Terrace Grout

BAL Terrace Grout is a high performance, polymer-modified cementitious grout for grouting joints between natural stone and porcelain tiles in external areas. With exceptional bond strength and flexibility, BAL Terrace Grout can used for joint widths up to 15mm. Available in four popular colours – Black, Light Grey, Dark Grey and Beige. Hard wearing, water and frost-resistant.

Mixing quickly on-site with water, BAL Terrace Grout provides a smooth finish on external tiled or paved patios, terraces and paths. Easy to spread, with a pot life of 45 minutes, BAL Terrace Grout is the fixers choice for jointing external pavers, tiles and natural stone. Available in 10kg bags, coverage is approximately 0.5kg/m2 at 5mm joint widths. 24 hours cure time.


BAL Priming Slurry Bond

A highly polymer modified cement-based priming slurry – engineered for fixing natural stone and porcelain tiles or pavers in external areas onto BAL Bedding Mortar. Fast and simple to use, only requires mixing with water. BAL Priming Slurry Bond provides excellent bond strength between base and pavers or tiles. Also use to prepare backgrounds for receiving mortar beds.

BAL Priming Slurry Bond is easy to apply using only a trowel, brush or roller, achieving a depth of at least 2mm. Should be applied wet on wet. Use slurry priming bond on both background, top of bedding mortar and applied to the back of the tile, slab or paver. Provides excellent coverage of 8m2 at 2mm thickness.

BAL Bedding Mortar

BAL Bedding Mortar is a special cement with graded fillers for producing a high performance mortar bed for external use, allowing external pavers and tiles to be fixed to the requirements of BS 7533-4. Bed depth can be achieved from 10mm up to 100mm thickness (minimum 25mm on MOT Type 1).

Pre-blended – just add water, BAL Bedding Mortar is easy to mix and lay up to 100mm in a single application. With more than 1hr working time and walkable in 12 hours it provides the perfect bedding system for 20mm porcelain, stone and pavers. It is also freeze-thaw resistant – protecting external installations against damage. Suitable on both bonded and unbonded backgrounds including concrete and Type 1 MOT.

Primer 1C

BAL Primer 1C is a rapid-drying red primer that helps reduce porosity and stabilise backgrounds prior to the application of BAL Waterproof 1C waterproof coating. Use on plaster, fibre cement boards, BAL Board (tiling side) before waterproofing.

Rapid drying in only 15-30 minutes for fast track project completion. Red colour ensures coverage is easy to see. Undiluted, typical coverage is 6m2 per litre. Easy to apply with brush, roller or sponge.

BAL Waterproof 1C

BAL Waterproof 1C is a ready-to-use, rapid-setting one-coat waterproofing system for tiling in internal wet areas. Ready to tile after only 2 hours, Waterproof 1C can be applied with a brush, trowel or roller and no mixing is required! What’s more it can be used without priming on certain backgrounds, and provides crack bridging without tape on static cracks or board joints up to 3mm. Includes Fibre Strand Technology for improved strength.

A one-coat solution without the faff, BAL Waterproof 1C is suitable for all internal domestic and small commercial applications. Easy to apply straight out of the bucket, it provides coverage of up to 6m2 – perfect for any domestic shower, bathroom or wetroom. Provides complete protection against water ingress, giving clients’ peace of mind that their projects will last the test of time. Where priming is required use BAL Primer 1C.


A unique, rapid-setting, highly polymer-modified tile adhesive that can be mixed either as a traditional wall or floor tile adhesive, or add extra water for a high performance pourable tile adhesive. Can fix most tile types and is recommended for large format wall and floor tiles and larger format panels, uneven thickness tiles, fixing on uneven substrates and installations subject to limited movement. The single bag needed on any tile installation!

BAL Rapid XP Plus has a unique structure and rheology as a high-grab, non-slip wall or floor adhesive, or as a pourable floor adhesive that can be built up to 25mm bed depth, full coverage on contact and no need to back butter on flat substrates. Extended pot life of 60 minutes and open time of 30 minutes, plus grout in 3 hours at any thickness and any rheology. Formulated with FST for improved flexibility and strength, highly polymer-modified gaining S1 deformability.

Available exclusively at Topps Tiles

BAL Grout Flex Wide Joint

BAL Grout Flex Wide Joint is a water and frost resistant cementitious wide joint tile grout for walls and floors and is suitable for joint widths from 3mm to 20mm. Suitable for grouting ceramics, mosaics and natural stone/quarry tiles, in dry or wet interior and exterior environments, Wide Joint comes in five key colours: White, Jasmine Cream, Light Grey, Mid Grey, and Dark Grey. While recommended for swimming pools, BAL Grout Flex Wide Joint is not suitable for power showers with body jets, food preparation/storage areas and areas requiring waterproof grouting.

When grouting floor and wall tile projects with wide joints consider BAL Grout Flex Wide Joint. Perfect for swimming pools, areas of limited movement and heavily trafficked floors, Grout Flex Wide Joint is suitable for both commercial and domestic projects. With a pot life of 2 hours minutes and curing in 24 hours, Wide Joint comes in 10kg and 5kg packs. Smooth and easy to spread over larger floor areas.

Download flyer and colour references

BAL Grout Flex

Highly flexible and water/frost-resistant, BAL Grout Flex is suitable for grouting wall tiles with joints up to 5mm. Recommended for swimming pools, power showers and areas of limited movement, BAL Grout Flex has a built-in admixture for increased flexibility and high bond strength at the edges of tiles or mosaics. Please note this product is not suitable for food preparation/storage areas and areas requiring waterproof grouting. Coming in five key colourways – White, Jasmine Cream, Light Grey, Mid Grey and Dark Grey for a knock-out finish.

Fixers are sure to welcome the many benefits of BAL Grout Flex which is perfect for grouting porcelain, glazed and fully vitrified tiles, glass and ceramic mosaics, marble and natural stone with joints up to 5mm. As a highly flexible grout, BAL Grout Flex is perfect for domestic and commercial environments where heavy use is expected. Available in 5kg and 10kg packs, BAL Grout Flex has a pot life of 2 hours for extended working and cures in 24 hours.

Download flyer and colour references

Flex One

BAL Flex One truly revolutionises the standard-set category with a long open and working time, excellent non-slip properties and may be grouted in as little as six hours! With an extended pot life of 2 1/2 hours and open time of 45 minutes, BAL Flex One standard set flexible tile adhesive lets you set your own pace! BAL Flex One is particularly recommended for large format tiles, areas of total immersion, heated screeds and areas subject to movement and vibration.

BAL Flex One standard set flexible tile adhesive gives fixers the freedom to perform with a thixotropic and fluid formulation with shape memory, full wettability and super smooth gel rheology, plus use up to 15mm bed depth which aids building out in problematic isolated areas. Highly flexible and deformable, Flex One also has excellent grab and non-slump easily exceeding the requirements of EN 12004 for a “T” rated adhesive. White in colour makes it suitable even for light natural stone. Not suitable for large format thin panels (3m x 1m in size

BAL Level Fast

A rapid-setting levelling compound, BAL Level Fast can be walked on after only 30 minutes and tiled on after 45 mins. Level Fast can be used from 2mm to 30mm – including only 3mm over timber. Formulated with Fibre Strand Technology for extra flexibility and strength, there is no need for spike rolling – saving significant project time. With a 10 minute bucket life and 10 minute wet edge, it gives you longer time with each mix.

BAL Level Fast provides the perfect time-saving start to any tiling project with key features including self-smoothing, self-healing and a low-shrinkage technology. With a one-pour technology it can be used over most substrates including concrete, sand:cement screeds, overlaid timber and crucially underfloor heating installations.

Rapid-Flex One

Enhanced with BAL Fibre Strand Technology (FST) for improved flexibility and strength, BAL Rapid-Flex One can be grouted after only three hours, and provides extended open time of 30 minutes and pot life of 60 minutes. Available in new white technology and S1 classification, BAL Rapid-Flex One can be used on interior or exterior floors and walls to fix most tiles types, most natural stone, terrazzo, rigid foam insulating materials and brick slips. What’s more BAL Rapid-Flex One has a smoother consistency for easier mixing and application. Ideal for large format thin porcelain.

BAL Rapid-Flex One offers the fixer major advantages over other adhesives. A true rapid-setting adhesives, it allows for fast grouting, producing significant time savings for the tiler at no extra cost. An extended pot life of 60 minutes allows applications of adhesive to larger areas for easier tile adjustment and reduced installation time. With its working time also extended, fixers can use larger mixes reducing costs for the customer and allowing more jobs to be completed each week. Available in white, only one bag is needed whatever the installation.

Flexbone 2Easy

BAL Flexbone 2Easy is a unique loose-laid uncoupling mat where no adhesive is needed underneath – a truly uncoupled system! Because it is floating, only basic preparation is needed – simply sweep or vacuum solid, level floors and lay the mat. No remove of residue, bitumen or laitance. No priming needed. Tile immediately to contaminated, stained or cracked screeds and over bitumen. Fast-track tiling on new anhydrite and sand:cement screeds that aren’t cured as moisture evaporates through covering joints.

Perfect for light commercial and domestic projects, BAL Flexbone 2Easy is a game-changing uncoupling system saving you time and money. Save a massive 2kg/m2 on adhesive compared to bonded mats, plus save on primer and preparation tools and products! Perfect for rental properties, heritage projects and retail stores. Plus because it is truly uncoupled, the tiled surface can be easily removed and replaced!!



Rapid-setting and highly flexible wall and floor grout, BAL Micromax2 is formulated with built-in Microban antimicrobial protection for walls and floors. Suitable for joint widths from 1mm to 20mm, BAL Micromax2 sets in two to three hours, enabling faster completion. An efflorescence-free formulation minimises risk of patchy discolouration. A built in admixture ensures a clean and even finish for grout joints. It is available in a range of 20 colours including NEW Tornado Sky, Dovetail, Taupe Grey, Storm Grey, Walnut, Hazel, Mahogany, Cornflower White, Peppermint, Pink Champagne and Primrose.  White (now brilliant white), Manilla, Gunmetal, Pebble, Jasmine, Ebony, Smoke, Anthracite remain in the collection. For large projects, additional colours are available upon request. What’s more, the range comes with with colour-matched Micromax Sealants.

Designed with the fixer in mind, BAL Micromax2 ticks all the boxes for a flexible tile grout providing all-round protection against mould. BAL Micromax2 is recommended for domestic and commercial installations due to its enhanced durability , making it suitable for power showers, wet rooms, heated floors and timber screeds. Recommended applications areas include leisure centres, bathrooms, changing rooms, restaurants/food consumption areas, domestic kitchens and shopping malls.

ALSO AVAILABLE: “Inspiration” collection (available at Topps Tiles) – Antique White, Lime (2.5kg only), Praline, Pecan (2.5kg only), Coffee (2.5kg only), Cedar (2.5kg only), Brooklyn, Cement, Graphite, Ash, Jade, Sky, Bush, Natural Light, Stonewash Blue, Powdered Rose, Light Oak, Medium Oak. Regal Collection (available at Topps Tiles only): Regal Grey, Regal Smoke, Regal Vanilla, Regal Ash

BAL All-In-One Plus

BAL All-In-One Plus is a unique multi-purpose polymer liquid and that can be used as a primer, bonding agent for slurry coats and as a admixture for adhesives and grouts for many BAL products. With BAL All-In-One Plus – only one liquid is needed to prepare substrates and backgrounds prior to tiling, increase strength and protect substrates, enhance strength and flexibility of grouts and adhesives and improve water resistance.

Suitable for most interior and exterior location, dry and wet environments. Suitable to prime /seal – timber, plaster, screeds (cement:sand and anhydrite), rendering and vinyl tiles. Use in slurry coats for cement or plaster mix. Use undiluted or diluted 1:2, 1:3 or 1:4 by volume depending on the application type. See Technical Data Sheet for restrictions on usage and other information. Available at Topps Tiles only.

Flex Fibre Plus

Highly flexible and deformable, BAL Flex Fibre Plus is anything but standard! With a 3 hour working time, 60 minute open time, Flex Fibre Plus can be grouted in as little as 4 hours! Use up to 20mm bed depth for imperfect backgrounds. Ideal for large formats, it has gel rheology – maintaining its structure – plus excellent non-slump and non-slip properties.

BAL Flex Fibre Plus with Fibre Strand Technology for enhanced grab and strength, gives fixers freedom to perform with full wettability and super smooth gel rheology, plus it exceeds the requirements of EN 12004 for a “T” rated adhesive. One single white formulation means only one adhesive is needed for any project – even translucent natural stone. Plus get a Lifetime Guarantee through Topps Tiles.

Exclusive to Topps Tiles.

Flexbone VAried

BAL Flexbone VAried is a high load-bearing, waterproof uncoupling membrane that accommodates lateral movement. A fast-track system, it can be used for a number of installations including heavy trafficked areas. Includes patented GripLock technology for greatest adhesive shear strength (50% better than other cavity mats) and unique bone structure enabling high flexibility and excellent deformability. High shear strength provides for higher levels of lateral movement. Special fleece provides for vapour pressure compensation.

Saving you time and money compared to other cavity mat systems, BAL Flexbone VAried needs less adhesive on the face of the mat, with circa 30% faster application! Because it is waterproof, it is perfect for use in wet areas and no additional tanking is needed. Perfect for high load bearing commercial projects such as shopping malls, airports, car showrooms, office buildings and hospitals.


Multi-purpose two component, solvent free, low viscosity epoxy coating for use as a primer, one-coat DPM and waterproof coating prior to the application of ceramic tiles or natural stones on walls and floors, internally and externally. Ideal for raised access floors, wet rooms, ground floor slabs, and swimming pools. Use as a DPM on concrete up to 98% RH and anhydrite up to 87% RH. Can be used as a primer to aid adhesion to screeds, masonry, steel and other surfaces.

Resistant to grease, oil, aqueous salt solutions and hydrostatic pressure, new BAL DPM is an easy to use all-in-one product for various applications and environments that protects tiles from residual construction moisture and continual rising vapour from the earth. Perfect for new build projects or refurbishments where a structural DPM is not present or ineffective. What’s more it can be used a a two-coat waterproofer on walls and floors, and as a primer when sand-blinded on difficult substrates. BAL DPM comes with BAL’s written 25 year guarantee.

Also available for a complete system: BAL Sand, BAL Self Adhesive Butyl Tape, BAL A2 Trowel, BAL B2 Trowel

BAL Board

A specialist magnesium oxide tile backer board with BBA approval, BAL Board provides a strong and stable background for wall and floor tiling. Water and mould resistant, it will not swell or degrade over time. Approved by fixers, BAL Board supports up to 100kg/m2 despite being lightweight and easy to carry and install.

15-35% lighter than cement-based board, BAL Board is easy to store, carry and install – making your life easier. No specialist cutting tools or specialist fixings are required, plus minimal dust when cutting means no harm to the fixer or environment. BAL Board scored significantly higher in end-user trails than alternate leading cement-based boards and comes fully supported with BAL’s trusted 25 year guarantee. Thermal resistance means it is suitable for use with underfloor heating.


BAL Tank-it is the ultimate waterproofing system providing complete protection in any environment. It is suitable for use internally or externally to waterproof areas prior to tiling. Rapid-setting, BAL Tank-it can be tiled after only 90 minutes for fast-track project completion – what’s more no priming or matting is required. Available in a simple two-part mix (plus scrim tape), BAL Tank-it is easy to use and will fully seal walls and floors of total immersion areas such as pools, fountains, spas , balconies and terraces (approved design required).

For a total tanking  solution then look no further than BAL Tank-it. With EN Classification BS EN 14891, BAL Tank-it is suitable for a wide range of internal and external tiling projects – including total immersion. Easy to use it can be applied simply using a standard notched trowel, brush or roller. As well as outstanding performance, Tank-it comes with a full back-up technical support and a 25 year guarantee for complete peace of mind.

Level Max

The maximum performance, thick-bed floor leveller with Fibre Strand Technology (FST). BAL Level Max has a maximum bed depth up to 80mm in a single application – the largest in the market. It is suitable for use over timber at 3mm, accepts foot traffic in 3 hours and can be tiled after only 4 hours at any depth saving significant project time and reducing costs.

BAL Level Max provides the perfect start to any flooring project with key features including added flexibility and strength, self-smoothing capability, low shrinkage and a protein free formulation. Easy to use, BAL Level Max is extremely versatile making it suitable for domestic and commercial projects as it is pumpable and achieves excellent coverage of 5m² at 3mm bed depth. Available in 25kg packs it is perfect prior to the installation of tiles or floor coverings even on key installations such as Under Floor Heating.


BAL Rapid-Mat is an innovative fast-track uncoupling membrane to accommodate lateral movement for tile installations on floors with limited movement. Reducing adhesive consumption relative to other systems and with minimal mat compression, BAL Rapid-Mat is lightweight and easy to install, with minimal height build-up with only 1mm thickness. BAL Rapid-Mat is suitable for internal flooring, renovation and new construction, domestic and commercial areas in medium/heavy duty applications. It is particularly recommended for heated floors and timber floors.

Providing the ultimate fail-safe for tilers, BAL Rapid Mat lays down a new benchmark in uncoupling systems. BAL Rapid Mat helps protect against lateral movement, uses 20% less adhesive when compared to using a cavity mat systems and is easy to install producing significant cost and time savings. Suitable for problematic floors, BAL Rapid Mat protects against cracks, fractures and other damage and is available to purchase by the roll or metre.


BAL Acrybase is a fast-hardening two-part levelling compound suitable for laying on absorbent and non-absorbent substrates to prepare floor surfaces for installing ceramics, natural stone, sheet and soft furnishing in dry or wet interior and exterior environments. Recommended for heavily-trafficked areas and exterior floors it can be laid at bed depths from a feather edge up to 10mm and from 10mm to 20mm with the addition of 3mm granite chippings.

BAL Acrybase offers outstanding benefits for the tiler, allowing the quick installation of most tile types. A high performance leveller, BAL Acrybase has high strength properties making it perfect for internal or external use. Easy to use, BAL Acrybase comes in handy 23.5kg packs and 5 litre bottles for the perfect mixing ratio. Suitable for key installations such as underfloor heating, domestic and commercial locations, BAL Acrybase is a true multi-purpose product.

Quickset Cement

A  rapid-strength, low shrinkage quickset cement for use in screeds and renders, BAL Quickset Cement accepts foot traffic in just three hours and is suitable for installations such as swimming pools or underfloor heating. It has a number of benefits including a 60 minute pot life, and 80% less shrinkage than a standard OPC screed. BAL Quickset Cement is water/frost resistant when set and can be pumped for fast track installation.

Fixers will appreciate BAL Quickset Cement for its versatility and on-site performance, providing a fast-track screed that accepts foot traffic sooner than other products. Crucially on key installations significant time savings are made compared to using traditional OPC screeds, for example three weeks on swimming pool installations or 15 days for under floor heating. It’s improved flexural and compressive strength allowing for learner mix ratios helping to reduce your costs.


Quickset Render

A pre-mixed, polymer-modified, cement:sand quickset render mortar, BAL Quickset Render sets in only two hours at bed depth of 2 – 20mm. Suitable for preparing wall surfaces for installing ceramics or natural stone in dry or wet interior or exterior environments, it is also suitable as a patch repair mortar. This product can be used on backgrounds including concrete, brickwork, blockwork, lightweight concrete blocks, and plaster surfaces.

Get the job done faster and easier by using BAL Quickset Render to help prepare wall surfaces prior to tiling. Unlike other renders, BAL Quickset Render sets in only two hours, giving you the ability to finish jobs in hours rather than days, saving you time and money. With a pot-life of 30 minutes, BAL Quickset Render can also be used as a spot-repair mortar for external and internal damage. Pre-mixed – just add water.

Prime APD

BAL Prime APD is a rapid-drying acrylic primer suitable for priming wall and floor backgrounds prior to the fixing of ceramics, mosiacs and natural stone tiles in dry or wet interior and exterior environments. BAL Prime APD stabalises dusty surfaces and reduces the porosity of backgrounds and may be used undiluted to prime plaster walls, tongue and groove floorboards. Use diluted on plaster walls (if dusty or porous), Anhydrite and cement floors. Use diluted on plaster walls when using ready mixed adhesives.

Perfect for priming walls and floors, BAL Prime APD offers a number of benefits for the fixer. Available in 2.5 litre bottles, the product can also be used with BAL levelling compounds and the BAL WP1 Tanking System. BAL Prime APD can be used undiluted and diluted and helps stabilise backgrounds prior to tiling in interior or exterior environments.


A multi-use synthetic polymer primer and admixture, BAL Bond SBR can be used as a bonding agent for adding to mortars used in screeding, plaster, rendering, bricklaying, pointing and repairs and as a primer for tile fixing onto timber, plaster, screeds, rendering or vinyl tiles. BAL Bond SBR is suitable for swimming pools and as a slurry coat of cement or plaster mix for wall and floor backgrounds.

A must-have for any tiler’s toolkit, BAL Bond SBR enhances the physical performance of mortars including adhesion, durability, flexibility, waterproofing and workability. Adding BAL Bond SBR helps permit feather edging of repair mortars, and prepares backgrounds and substrates for wall or floor tiling. BAL Bond SBR is also useful as a primer before tile fixing, providing extra protection for peace of mind.

Admix AD1

A water-based polymer additive for cementitious walls and floor adhesives, BAL Admix AD1 improves adhesion and flexibility, enhancing physical properties and performance. Suitable for use with BAL CTF4, BAL Rapid Flex One, BAL Flex One, BAL Pourable One, BAL XL Floor One and BAL Supercover Rapidset. Not suitable for use with highly polymer-modified cementitious adhesives and ready-mixed products.


Admix GT1

A water-based polymer admixture for cementitious grouts, BAL Admix GT1 improves grout flexibility, physical properties and performance and is ideal for use with porcelain tiles. Suitable for use with BAL Grout, and Wide Joint Grout. Not suitable for use with highly polymer-modified cementitious grouts and ready-mixed products.

If your looking to improve the performance of cementitious BAL wall and floor grouts then consider BAL Admix GT1. Available in handy 2.5 litre and 1 litre, BAL Admix GT1 provides added flexibility and is perfect to add to grouts for use in projects including showers, swimming pools, heated screed and areas with limited movement or vibration.

White Star Plus

Newly formulated with our advanced Fibre Strand Technology, BAL White Star Plus is a ready-mixed tile adhesive for walls. Highly flexible and non-slip, BAL White Star Plus is water-resistant and suitable for fixing ceramics (max 0.09m2), mosiacs and porcelain (max 0.0225m2) tiles and some natural stone in dry or wet interior environments. Ready to use and easy to apply, it offers extended open-time of more than 30 mins, higher grab and higher bond strength.

A fixer’s favourite, BAL White Star Plus is one of the leading ready-mixed wall tile adhesive on the market. Exceeding British and European standards, BAL White Star Plus offers excellent properties for the professional fixer including high bond-strength, excellent non-slip qualities, and light weight rheology for easier and faster application saving you time on that project. BAL White Star Plus comes in an enhanced white colour and can be grouted after 24 hours.


Blue Star

BAL Blue Star is a non-slip ready-mixed wall tile adhesive. Easy to apply and offering high grab and high bond strength, BAL Blue Star is suitable for fixing ceramics (up to 300x300mm), mosiacs and some natural stone in dry and wet interior environments and can be used for domestic areas, such as showers, kitchens and bathrooms and heavy duty communal dry areas.

Ready to use and easy to apply, BAL Blue Star provides the fixer with numerous benefits and comes in handy tubs of 10ltr, 5ltr, and 1ltr. Its excellent non-slip capability means that no battens are required. BAL Blue Star exceeds British and European Standards and can be grouted after 24 hours at 20C. BAL Blue Star is suitable for communal dry areas and can be used on a variety of backgrounds and bases.

Green Star

BAL Green Star is a ready mixed and easy to apply wall tile adhesive. Suitable for fixing ceramics, mosiacs and some natural stone in dry or wet interior environments, it can also be used for domestic areas including showers, kitchens and bathrooms. BAL Green Star offers extended open time of 30 mins and can be grouted after 24 hours.

A simple, but effective ready-mixed tile adhesive, BAL Green Star has become a fixer’s favourite down the years and is perfect for fixing ceramics up to 300mm by 300mm, mosiacs and natural stone. Ready-to-use straight from the tub with no mixing required, BAL Green Star provides the fixer with numerous benefits including excellent non-slip properties and extended open time for larger installations.

Tile & Grout

BAL Tile & Grout is a ready-to-use all-in-one tile adhesive and grout. Non-slip with high bond strength, BAL Tile & Grout is perfect for fixing ceramics (up to 300x300mm), mosiacs and some natural stone in dry and wet interior environments. Suitable for domestic areas including showers (adhesive only – not power showers), kitchens and bathrooms, BAL Tile & Grout can also be used for heavy duty wet areas including commercial kitchens. For walls only.

If your looking for an all-in-one tile adhesive and grout for domestic and commercial walls, then look no further than BAL Tile & Grout. This ready-mixed product provides tilers with a number of benefits including an easy-to-use formulation with improved characteristics including extended open time. As an adhesive BALTile & Grout can be grouted after 24 hours. Available in 5ltr and 2.5ltr pack sizes .

Max-Flex Fibre

Standard setting and highly flexible tile adhesive, BAL Max-Flex Fibre have been developed with our Fibre Strand Technology for improved flexibility and strength. With and extended open time of more than 40 minutes and a pot life of 5 hours, BAL Max-Flex Fibre is suitable for use fixing most tile types (including some natural stone), BAL Max-Flex Fibre is recommended for large format wall tiles, areas of total immersion, and heated screeds. Also suitable for installations subject to limited movement and vibration and for tiling on existing glazed ceramic tiles. Recommended for fixing mosaics.

BAL Max-Flex Fibre offers fixers outstanding benefits helping them get the job done easily and efficiently. BAL Max-Flex fibre is formulated with lightweight rheology for easy mixing and application and its extended open time allows for a greater area to be fixed in one mix. Available in white and grey, BAL Max-Flex Fibre comes in pack sized of 20kg and 5kg (20kg only in Grey). For use on walls and floors, it can be grouted in 16 hours.


BAL SPF S1 is a highly flexible, S1 classified standard-setting tile adhesive for walls and floors, offering users an extended open time of 30 minutes and pot life of 5 hours. BAL SPF S1 is recommended for fixing most types of tile, large format wall tile and areas of total immersion in water such as swimming pools and showers. It is also suitable for installations subject to limited movement and vibration, and heated screeds.

If you’re looking for a standard-setting flexible wall and floor tile adhesive then look no further than BAL SPF S1. Offering tilers a number of benefits to aid fixing including extended open time and pot life, BAL SPF S1 is available in white and can be used on difficult floors such as those with limited movement, vibration, underfloor heating. BAL SPF S1 can be grouted in 16 hours and is developed with PorcelBond technology for use with porcelain.


Developed over more than 50 years, BAL CTF4 is a standard-setting, polymer-modified cementitious tile adhesives for walls and floors. Offering extended open time of 30 minutes, and pot life of 5 hours, BAL CTF4 is suitable for fixing ceramics, porcelain and vitrified tiles, mosaics, certain natural stones, terrazzo, rigid foam insulating materials and brick slips in dry or wet interior and exterior environments. Recommended for large format wall tiles and showers, BAL CTF4 is highly water and frost resistant.

BAL CTF4 provides the fixer with a number of benefits. Formulated over many years with a trusted heritage, BAL CTF4 is polymer-modified producing improved characteristics included reduced slip and extended open time. Please note that while BAL CTF4 is suitable for certain natural stone, the product should not be used for translucent or water sensitive stone. BAL CTF4 is suitable for bed thickness 2mm – 6mm and can be grouted after 16 hours.


Rapid-Flex Fibre Plus

BAL Rapid-Flex Fibre Plus is a non-slip cementitious tile adhesive for walls and floors formulated with BAL Fibre Strand Technology (FST) for improved flexibility, strength and grab. Fast-setting in three hours, it provides extended open time of 30 minutes and pot life of 60 minutes, and is formulated for easier mixing and application. A high polymer content allows for tiling direct onto substrates with limited movement, while it is recommended for large format tiles, areas of total immersion, and heated screeds.

Product only available at Topps Tiles

Turbo Set

An ultra rapid-setting flexible tile adhesive, BAL Turbo Set allows fast track completion of projects with the ability to grout tiles after just 30 minutes. With a working time of 15 minutes, conditions dependent, BAL Turbo Set is ideal to finish your last 1-2m2 of tiling to allow for same day grouting or to fast-track minor repairs. BAL Turbo Set is flexible and suitable for most backgrounds, areas of total immersion, heated screeds and installations subject to limited movement or vibration.

A unique flexible cementitious adhesives for walls and floors, BAL Turbo Set offers the fixer ultra-setting qualities superior to other rapid-setting tile adhesives. Use BAL Turbo Set to complete your job in super-quick time, giving you more time to work on other projects. Fixers can use Turbo Set for fixing ceramics, porcelain and vitrified tiles, mosiacs, most types of natural stone (excluding translucent), terrazzo and granite, rigid foam materials and even brick slips. BAL Turbo Set is perfect for dry or wet interior and exterior environments. Available in Grey and White.

Product available at Topps Tiles

Supercover Rapid Flex

BAL Supercover Rapid Flex is a rapid-setting, highly flexible high yield tile adhesive for walls and floors,  providing further coverage per bag. Available in grey and white, BAL Supercover Rapid Flex is suitable for fixing ceramics, porcelain and vitrified tiles, mosaics, certain natural stones, terrazzo, rigid foam insulating materials and brick slips in dry or wet interior and exterior environments. Also recommended for large format wall tiles, areas of total immersion, installations with limited movement/vibration and heated screeds.

BAL Supercover Rapid Flex provides outstanding benefits for the fixer, including a high yield for further coverage per bag, rapid-setting in only 3 hours for quick installations, and highly flexible nature for with difficult backgrounds which may be subject to total immersion, lateral movement or vibration. Typical coverage on a dry wall and mosaic trowel is 1m2 per kg, meaning you get more for your money and get the job done in double-quick time.

Supercover Rapidset

A cementitious non-slip wall and floor adhesive, BAL Supercover Rapidset provides outstanding yield and sets in double quick-time – suitable for grouting after only 2 hours. Providing an open time of 20 minutes and pot life of 45 minutes, BAL Supercover Rapidset is suitable for fixing ceramics, porcelain and vitrified tiles, mosaics, certain natural stones, terrazzo, rigid foam insulating materials and brick slips in dry or wet interior and exterior environments. Also recommended for large format wall tiles and showers.

BAL Supercover Rapidset offer fixers outstanding benefits for large installations which require completion in double-quick time, by providing high yield with typical coverage of .96m2 per kg with a mosiac trowel and quick drying capabilities. BAL Supercover Rapidset is suitable for commercial and domestic projects but not areas of total immersion, heated screeds or limited movement/vibration unless modified with BAL ADMIX AD1 for extra flexibility. Available in pack size 15kg and colour grey.

Single Part Fastflex

Featuring sound-reduction properties, BAL Single Part Fastflex is a highly flexible S2 tile adhesive and can also be utilised as isolating, anti-fracture underlay for ceramic tiles. Recommended for areas subject to limited movement and vibration, BAL Single Part Fastflex is water/frost resistant and is suitable for fixing ceramics, porcelain and vitrified tiles, mosaics, slate and certain natural stones including marble, terrazzo in dry or wet interior and exterior environments.

If you’re looking for an highly flexible S2 tile adhesive then this is the product for you. Available in 12.5kg packs, BAL Single Part Fastflex can be grouted after five hours. Please note this product is not suitable with BAL Rapid Mat/BAL Flexbone products, and when used on walls, battons will be required. Contact TAS when recommending approved sound-reduction systems.

New Floor

BAL New Floor is a standard-setting, flexible tile adhesive for new floors (concrete and cement). Allowing fast-track installations on new concrete after seven days, and new cement:sand screeds after 24 hours, BAL New Floor is suitable for fixing ceramics, porcelain and vitrified tiles in dry or wet interior and exterior environments. Water and frost resistant it can be grouted after 24 hours.

A deformable tile adhesive for floors, BAL New Floor is flexible and water/frost resistant with an open time of 20 mins, with pot life of 5 hours allowing for larger installations. BAL New Floor is particularly recommended for swimming pools and showers, areas of limited movement/vibration and low porosity substrates. BAL New Floor is suitable for bed thickness 3-6mm (up to 12mm in localised areas) and typical coverage is approximately 3m2 per 15kg bag .

Only available at Topps Tiles. 

Absolute Grout

Chemical-resistant and solvent free, Absolute Grout is a high strength three-part epoxy adhesive and grout suitable for walls and floors. Durable and abrasion-resistant, it provides an excellent set in 16 hours with full cure at seven days. Its use is recommended for food preparation areas where a hygienic surface is required. Absolute Grout is recommended for; domestic bathrooms and kitchens, worktops, breweries, abattoirs, dairies, swimming and hydro therapy pools, bathrooms, showers and power showers, hospital and industrial/chemical plants.

BAL Absolute Grout provides total waterproof protection for wet areas, plus chemical resistance where required. Available in White, Smoke and Ebony, it matches closely with BAL Micromax2 cement-based grout. Suitable for use from 2-12mm it has an “easy-clean” formulation – clean off from 15 minutes and up to 60 minutes after application. Smoother fillers means it is easy to apply and will not scratch glass or gloss tiles. Also suitable as an adhesive where a high level of adhesion or chemical resistance is required.

BAL Grout

A classic tile grout, BAL Grout is water and frost resistant and can be used for joint widths up to 3mm. Suitable for grouting ceramics and mosiacs in dry or wet interior and exterior environments, BAL Grout is recommended for swimming pools. Further applications are possible by adding BAL Admix GT1 to provide flexibility, increased adhesion and high bond strength. Available in white only.

A fixers’ favourite for many years, BAL Grout exceeds the standard for a CG1 grout and is perfect for commercial and domestic situations. BAL Grout has a pot life of 60 minutes and cures in 24 hours. Temperature resistant from -30C to 150C, BAL Grout is available in 20kg, 10kg, 3.5kg and 1.5kg. Typical coverage of 6.4m2 per kg can be achieved for 200x200x6 mm tiles with joint widths of 2mm.

Floor Epoxy

BAL Floor Epoxy is a three-part hygenic impervious epoxy resin tile grout for floors. For joint widths up to 20mm, BAL Floor Epoxy is recommended for large installations including food preparation/processing plants, swimming pools/sports and leisure centres, shopping malls/supermarkets, hospitals and industrial/chemical plants. It is also suitable for chemical plants with metallic backgrounds, and for areas requiring chemical resistance.

With a resin-based formulation comprising liquid resin, liquid hardener and powder filler, BAL Floor Epoxy offers numerous benefits for the fixer working on large-scale commercial projects. Suitable for most tile types, Floor Epoxy cures in 24 hours and has a pot life of 60 minutes. In addition BAL Floor Epoxy is hard-wearing and offers high resistance to abrasion and impact, as well as providing protection against bacteria and chemical attack. Available in Smoke and Ebony, BAL Floor Epoxy comes in 10kg packs. Bespoke colours available – minimum order quantities apply, please contact your local ASM for more details.

Micromax Sealant

BAL Micromax Sealant is a unique high performance ready to use silicone sealant with built-in Microban® antimicrobial protection for walls and floors. Waterproof and providing excellent adhesion, BAL Micromax Sealant is perfect for sealing movement joints in floor and wall installations. Suitable for surfaces including sanitary, acrylic, fiberglass, glass, glazed, porcelain and painted in dry and wet interior and exterior environments.

Formulated with you in mind, BAL Micromax Sealant is the perfect finishing product for your project. Colour-matched with our Micromax3 ECO grouts, BAL Micromax Sealant offers excellent bond unaffected by weathering, UV radiation and immersion in water. With built-in anti-microbial protection it is also protected against black mould and mildew and is perfect for any commercial or domestic environment.

NEW IMPROVED FORMULA – Better bonding and less shrinkage, plus extended 24 month shelf-life



A waterproof ready-to-use sealant, BAL Silicone provides firm bonding for use sealing movement joints in floor and wall tiling installations. For use on surfaces including acrylic, ceramic, fibreglass, glass, porcelain in dry or wet interiors and exteriors, BAL Silicone is suitable for domestic and light commercial applications.

An affordable and reliable silicone product, BAL Silicone is available in 310ml cartridges and white, cream and transparent colours. Curing in 24 hours (per 4mm thickness) BAL Silicone is perfect for showers, areas of movement and where chemical resistance is required. Application areas including breweries, leisure centres, bathrooms, restaurants and food production areas, kitchens and hospitals.

NEW AND IMPROVED FORMULA – Better bonding and less shrinkage

Protective Sealer

A water-based temporary protective tile sealer, BAL Protective Sealer protects surfaces against discolouration when using pigmented grouts. For use with all BAL grouting products, it can be removed by washing-off after grouting.

Suitable for most tile types, BAL Protective Sealer is an essential part of any tilers’ toolbox removing any potential need to re-grout or re-tile which could add significant costs and time to your job.

Microshield Plus

An alkaline tile cleaner with Microban antimicrobial action, BAL Microshield Plus fast-action formula removes grease, dirt and stains from all types of wall and floor tile. Formulated to maintain tile joints with BAL grouting, BAL Microshield Plus leaves hygienically clean surfaces and helps inhibit growth of mildew and black mould, providing added hygiene protection for bathrooms, showers and food consumption areas.

Product only available at Topps Tiles

TerraMaxx TSL

Terramaxx TSL is a completely pre-assembled raised floor support system enabling quick and simple laying of tiles on balconies, terraces and other walk-on surfaces. Pipe and power lines as well as floor gullies can be hidden in the cavity between the covering and substrate and remain accessible. If required individual tiles can be lifted and exchanged.

There are four different height adjustable systems from 36mm up to 120mm. An additional height adapter will allow any pedestal to be 80mm higher (up to 200mm). Perfect for self-laying ceramic and natural stone tiles. Self-adjustable fall: allows up to 9%. Compressive strength up to 600kg. Noise reduction is provided by specialist foam, while integrated joints (2mm) are ideal for installations.

AquaDrain EK

High performance, capillary passive surface drainage system for solid-bed tiling on balconies, patios and roof terraces. Available in 8mm and 16mm thickness, the mat quickly drains seepage water and provides three-dimensional water management to prevent trapped water which could lead to discolouration, staining, frost damage and efflourescence of moisture-sensitive natural stone, ceramic and concrete coverings. Can be used with 50mm cement-based drainage mortar, or 25mm epoxy MorTec® DRAIN system for variable height build-up.

Available in 10m rolls and 1x2m sheets (8mm only) the AquaDrain® EK drainage system is suitable for the installation of natural stone, concrete pavers , extruded and dry press ceramic tiles.  Use with AquaDrain® drain grates, ProFin® edge profiles and ProRin®  guttering for balcony and patio installations.  Join roll edges with AquaDrain® SK sealing tape.

AquaDrain T+

High performance capillary passive surface drainage system for direct point adhesion of slabs, natural stone, 20mm porcelain and other outdoor coverings on balconies, terraces and roof terraces. Providing the same benefits as a solid-bed system, AquaDrain® T+ has complete build up from only 23mm depending on matting and tile thickness chose, making it ideal for renovation projects.

Available in 8mm and 16mm thickness, AquaDrain® T+ ensures rapid and permanent drainage of the covering structure. The system also serves as a protective layer and filter layer and due to the large contact areas of 66%, high point loads are avoided. Use with AquaDrain® drain grates, ProFin® edge profiles and ProRin® guttering for balcony installations. Join roll edges with AquaDrain® SK sealing tape. Use with direct point adhesive method for thin build-ups.

AquaDrain Edge

Use as an edge insulation tape for AquaDrain® EK laying system for large format and natural stone tiles. Creates a movement joint between the tile and edge profile.

Can also be used as a movement joint between drainage and parapet walls or walls in general.

AquaDrain SK Joint Tape

Non-woven self-adhesive tape for covering the joints between AquaDrain® T+ and AquaDrain® EK capilliary passive drainage mats ensuring rapid and permanent drainage of the covering structure.

AquaDrain FLEX

The AquaDrain® FLEX drain grate allows easy drainage of water at low door/wall connections with the AquaDrain® surface drainage systems for external tiling, while it prevents dirt from entering the drain grate guaranteeing permanent drainage performance.  Thanks to moveable legs, AquaDrain® FLEX drain grates can be cut individually on site.

Available in steel, hot-dipped galvanised, or stainless steel, AquaDrain® FLEX provides quick and umimpeded guidance of surface and façade water into the attached drainage system preventing water seepage into internal areas. AquaDrain® FLEX allows for practical and standard-compliant reduction fo door threshold heights from 150mm to 50mm.

AquaDrain TM

The AquaDrain® TM drain grate, with its extremely shallow frame, perfectly matches with the AquaDrain® T+ thin-laying drainage system for direct point adhesion of thin/lightweight coverings. Easy to cut on site, with adjustable legs, AquaDrain® TM allows the easy drainage of water at low door/ wall connections, while it prevents the back-up of dirt and grime from entering the drainage mat.

Available in steel, hot-dipped galvanised steel, or stainless steel, AquaDrain® TM allows safe drainage of outdoor surfaces and door joints at only 31mm construction height. Variable cut to length, it is easily height adjustable thanks to six adjustable screw feet. An integral dirt trap prevent fouling, while it is wheelchair accessible.

AquaDrain Lochwinkel

For use as part of the AquaDrain® FLEX drain grate system for AquaDrain® EK capillary passive drainage system for external tiling.

The AquaDrain® Lochwinkel perforated screed angle ensures the drainage mortar does not fall into and block the drain grate.

ProFin DP and BL

The Gutjahr modular system of balcony profiles is a unique system of flexible, combinable drain profiles and fascias. Not only does it give you a combined drain and uncoupling profile when used in conjunction with the AquaDrain® drainage system, different heights can be realised with the easy slip-on ProFin® BL appatures, for height build-up from 21mm to 79mm.

Available in 11mm, 21mm and 30mm profiles, 90°  corner units and affiliated connectors, ProFin® DP end profiles have unpunched legs for safe simple waterproof attachment of seals with DiProtec® AB-KV sealing tape technology. Height can be extended with the addition of ProFin® BL push-on facing plates. While the system  includes support for ProRin® balcony gutters. Use with AquaDrain® EK and T+ matting systems, BAL adhesives and grouts for full external tiling solutions.

ProFin V22 and V55

The ProFin® V drain end profile is available in 22mm and 55mm in height. For use as part of the AquaDrain® surface drainage systems, each edge profile provides a clean finish and façade. The protuding profiles allows easy drainage of surface water, keeping the drainage channels free and protecting the natural stone coverings from water and frost damage.

Simple and easy to install, profiles can be linked with supplied profile connectors. Each 3m profile is prefabricated with seal-tight welded corner for easy assembly. Use if seal is already present on site.

ProRin BR

Easy to install gutter system for ProFin® DP edge profiles. Simply fit into the profile support – no soldering, no gluing, no welding thanks to intelligent connection technology. A compact system for narrow railing it can be combined with all Gutjahr profiles. The system is durable and damage-free, as the gutter connections serve as expansion joint zones.



MorTec® DRAIN is a  two-part epoxy resin drainage mortar for use in combination with AquaDrain® EK surface drainage mat for thin-layer, lightweight solid-bed fixing of natural stone and ceramic coverings on balconies, patios, terraces and roof terraces. MorTec® DRAIN reduces required height construction by at least 25mm compared to cement-based drainage mortar systems, making it ideal for renovation work of if necessary construction height is lacking.

Lime-free, meaning no efflorescence due to water damage, MorTec® DRAIN assists rapid-drainage and speeds drying of natural stone avoiding water and frost damage. For lightweight constructions and low door height connections less than 50mm use with AquaDrain® EK 8mm sheets and AquaDrain® TM drain grates and associated edge profiles.


In combination with Gutjahr surface drainage systems, “the joint filler that comes in a tube” enables stress-free and therefore reliable laying of large formats  and natural stone tiles outdoors. The elastic, silicon-based joint filler reduces tension and can be used for covering and connecting joints or expansion joints. Its special feature: thanks to the fine grain structure of the material, the joints have a cement-like appearance.

Available in Grey, Anthracite and Dark Brown, MorTec® SOFT joint silicone sealant is neutral and solvent-free with added fungicide meaning it is suitable for natural stone, ceramics and porcelain. Absorbing movement from thermal changes and reducing tension, it can be used internally and externally. Use externally ONLY as part of Gutjahr external tiling systems.

DiProtec AB-KV

An integral part of the Gutjahr external tiling system, DiProtec® AB-KV self-sealing adhesive tape technology ensures that balcony edge profiles are seamlessly connected with cement-based waterproof coatings such as BAL TANK-IT to create a permanent seal.  Half of the sealing tape is attached to the edge profile, while the other half is connected to the corresponding seal.